B.B. King - The Thrill is Gone (cover) for 12-bar blues practice

This is my recorded version of B.B. King’s “The Thrill is Gone”. I perform the rhythm guitar, the lead guitar (somewhat my own rendition), and vocals for fun. Enjoy, I know I did!

B.B. King - The Thrill is Gone (cover)


Great :exclamation: Sounds great​:exclamation: Keep on. :pray:

Thanks, it has helped me with the blues! Just scratching the surface really

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Nice to see you back posting Zoltan. I really enjoyed that. Nice playing and singing.

Thanks, i took time away to renovate a garage and build a jam space! Well worth it!

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I really enjoyed listening to that Zoltan :blush: Nicely done! I’m a few modules away from the Grade 2 Blues lesson. I can’t wait to get there. That’s one of the songs I’d love to learn to play.

Great looking setup by the way with your jam space :heart_eyes:

Nice setup in the renovated garage. I enjoyed your performance. Head-bobbing to the groove! :wink:

Hey man that sounded really good playing wise, well done on the overall production. I think toner should be here a bit fatter, perhaps it was your interpretation byt I feel it was too soft, at least to my taste. Sounded more like plunking on a harp than a guitar tone, but again it is a personal taste after all :wink: all the best!

Thanks, it is a fairly easy one that sounds good. I am not a blues listener generally

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Great feedback thanks. Is fatter to you more low end, distortion, volume?

So great to have a dedicated space. I needed one!

I would say a some kind of blues overdrive would do with some eq fiddled with. That’s to my taste at least

Hi Zoltan,

First things first: Nice playing.
I second Adrian’s comment. Sounds like you’re playing on a single coil pickup? To me, a humbucker would sound fuller and more round and a bit warmer.
Another thing I wanted to ask you is about vibrato. Maybe it didn’t get through the speakers or my ears are letting me down but did you use any?

I am playing through a single coil Strat, so you are correct on that. Don’t own a humbucker guitar at the moment. In terms of vibrato, i am only using reverb effect on this recording, no vibrato.

Thanks for the thoughts, appreciated

Maybe try position 2 or 4 of the pickup selector switch and see how that sounds.
I’m referring to vibrato as technique not effect. I think vibrato is something you could explore as the next step in the progress of you’re not already using it. Especially when it comes to B.B. King it can add a lot of character.