Back for unfinished business

Hi everyone, my name is Dan and I have already been enjoying the threads and discussions as a lurker so thought it was time for an introduction.

Probably have a back story that is not unique. Got a guitar as a teenager, couldn’t play like Slash in the first six months and got frustrated. Convinced myself I was not good enough to play a musical instrument and had no natural talent for music - then life events take over…

Seeing that same guitar 20 years later in its original carry case made me want to give it another go though. So after being recommended different apps etc, I stumbled upon many reviews where guitar players swore by our good friend Justin and his team here instead. (As a long time user of YouTube I’m stunned I’d never stumbled across any JG content before!)

I thought I’d give the website a go, went back to the very start and quickly loved the layout and Justin’s teaching in terms of being forgiving of yourself and just to enjoy playing. Hoping to payback the effort brought to helps us in some way as I develop but right now I’m at the start of Module 8 and my playing skill is so much better than it ever was.

Sorry if I’ve gone on too much for an opening post but I’ve always loved music and when things finally start to click while holding a guitar it’s one of the most amazing feelings. Thanks already to Justin and his team as well as many in the community who have also posted some amazing ideas/tips in discussions. On we all go!


Welcome to the forum Dan. You’ve definitely come to the right place to learn and for support.

Welcome to the forum. Hang in there, the first month or two can be frustrating, but once you learn to play your first song all the way through, and then improve on it, you are well on your way. So many great rewards with the guitar.

Welcome back! Hope you find a new wave to surf on here

Wait, I know Justin is an Ozzie but we’re doing surfing lessons now too?

Anyho welcome Dan !

Amazingly I am also not as good as slash.

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Hey Dan. Great introduction posting! I’m playing for a year already and still can’t play like Slash either :roll_eyes: :grin:
Nevermind, we will make it (to have lot’s of fun at least).
Welcome to the community!

:wave: , welcome to the group Dan.


Good to have you with us Dan

Hi Dan,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun and perseverance :sunglasses:

Hello Dan and welcome. :slight_smile:

Glad you managed to find JustinGuitar. The best place to learn.

Hi Dan,

Welcome, glad you decided to pickup the guitar again and give it anther go.

Welcome Dan, such a familiar story which many of experienced. Finding Justin should keep you on track for sticking too it and making progress. :sunglasses:

Hello Dan! Keep strumming!

Welcome to the community, Dan! :smiley:

Glad you picked your guitar back up again. You’re in good company of others with an on-off-relationship with the guitar that started in teenage years. :joy:

I wish you loads of fun re-exploring and learning, enjoy the ride! :slight_smile:

Cheers - Lisa

Welcome Dan. Nice to have you along with us.

Hi Dan, welcome to the community. Now that you are starting Grade 2, you can go to the website song lessons and search by artist for “Guns N Roses” and there is an easy chord version of Sweet Child O Mine to get you started.

Many thanks for all of your kind and welcoming posts by the way. I’m already finding the community here one of the most helpful and positive on the net.