Back my track - all you can say in under 2 minutes

Recently a new drummer moved into my guitar room and is playing whatever and whenever I like (beatbuddy pedal to play along to any style of drum grooves you like - I was fed up with the metronome). So I thought I try and “produce” a simple backing track for me to jam along. Then I had the idea to share this file in this community so everybody who likes to practice can have it. Would be fun to do a little “improvisation challenge” everybody can join in. It’s not about showing off but to share ideas and hear what others might “think musically”. Here is my version:


Track is in F#min and just includes a 1-4-5 progression (F#min, Bmin, C#min). It’s in 6/8 time or ‘waltz rhythm feel’.

Download track mp3

Download track wav

Would be great to hear some other versions. I had the rule (for myself) that I won’t be doing more than 3 takes and take the one I am most satisfied with in “all I can say under 2 minutes” :slight_smile:



Pretty impressive Eric, I liked the use of the 6/8 timing rather than 4/4 for the backing track makes it a bit different from what I’m used to so this could be fun!

Very nice Eric, in a lovely mellow way. I too like that 6/8 feel for a change. :sunglasses:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner @DarrellW yes, usually most of the backing tracks are in 4/4 and it felt easier (for me) to play in 6/8. Don’t know why. Hope you guys also have fun playing around with it.


Sounds great, Eric. Lovely tone and vibe.

Thanks for posting this up here. I shall come back to it have a go when the time is right.

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I love a smooth 6/8 blues vibe and you’ve got some sweet sounds going on here Eric.
If this takes off and others jump on it could take up residence as a challenge in the Challenges area.

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Very nice, Eric. I did intend to try jamming over it, but couldn’t find the groove or good notes! I’m working on the Major Maestro course, and as per input from @TheMadman_tobyjenner and @DarrellW I figured I would just use the relative major key and focus on the chord tones from F#m. So, I started with A major. Then I changed the key in Reaper to Em to see if it would be easier playing in G major - but it wasn’t! Anyway I like the backing track, the timing (and your playing!), so I bookmarked this topic and will revisit at some later date. :slight_smile:

Hi Mari The reason it’s not working is your in the Key of A note F#m. Yes the Relative Major to F#m
is A but you can’t think in A. You need the tonal center to be F#.

This is why advice like this isn’t all that good for someone who is just starting out.
When soloing in a Minor Key you need to be playing in a minor scale. Start with the
F# minor pentatonic. Use the eBG strings only to start.

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Hi Mari, thanks anyway for your feedback. If you start with the minor pentatonic you can use this track and it doesn’t have to be fancy. It’s a goo practice to visualize the pentatonic shape and finding ‘your’ tone. Like @stitch said. Start with the F#min pentatonic shape (first position) and give it a go. Nothing can go wrong then.

Good luck with the major series! Lot’s to digest. Always good to take your time. I do :sunglasses:


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Yes that’s what I was thinking but I was finding the chord tones hard to find. For now it will be easier to not add another layer of complexity!

I will do that … eventually! :smiley: