Backing track with chords

In every practice routine for each module Justin has included 3 songs under the 10 minutes song practice (when you click on show video). These have the backing track and the chords, lyrics displayed as it plays. They have been extremely useful for my practice.
Are there more such tracks which Justin has kept free apart from the ones in the practice routine. If yes where can I find them.
P.S. I do not have subscription of the app.

I didn’t find any either when I was trying that. I wound up buying the app to play along with. I did like using it, and now it will take you through grade 3. I did tend to stop using it as I began to play more like the original song and could somewhat play along with simple stuff I had in my collection.

Eventually (i think Grade 2 blues stuff) I found backing tracks on youtube and spotify for Justin’s solo lessons.

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