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Good morning everyone,
I’m trying to find out the following: how do I use a song as my backing track, and record me playing into my IPad in garage band, at the same time, as you can’t have 2 different apps open at the same time. (eg GarageBand and Justin’s song app) I have an Irig and know how to set that up. Please help cheers Ann


I use GarageBand on a macbook, not an iPad, but I’m guessing you can do this on iPad: you download the backing track (e.g. in mp3 format) and then import it into GarageBand. Then you can listen to it while you record your guitar track.


Hi thank you in the end I did manage to get into garage

In case any other iPad users are wondering how to do this:


Thanks Dave I worked it out in the end

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Hi Ann, that’s good. I am just starting to explore how I can record using Garage band using my Nux MP3 pro as an interface plug. The GarageBand help file for iPad is not that great, but once you work out how to do it it’s not too bad.

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I’ve been trying to download the backing track and I can’t seem to figure it out, could you help me and give me directions on how to download it. Thank you.

Hi Joshua, are you trying to download backing track to GarageBand (on iPad).

If so:

  1. First you need to have the backing track on your iPad in .mp3 format. You can download backing tracks from the web. Just Google backing tracks.

  2. Open GarageBand on your iPad. Open your song sheet or create a new song if you are starting from scratch.

  3. Tap the loop symbol. It’s on the top right, next to the gear symbol. In the pop up menu for loops, you need to select the Files option. It is just above the search bar in the menu. You can choose Apple Loops or Files. To load your own backing files choose Files.

  4. Near the bottom of the menu, select Browse Items from Files app. Navigate to the folder on your iPad where you have saved your mp3 backing track (s) and select the one you want to import. It will appear in the pop up menus list of available tracks.

  5. Long press on the track and then slide your finger across to the song screen. Your song should now appear and can be positioned and played.

Hopefully this helps. The image in my previous post shows the menu and track list.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad you posted this DaveTC59 as it took me hours to do and I really can’t remember how I did it this makes it so much easier for next time I try thank you :blush:

Thanks Ann. :slightly_smiling_face: