Backing tracks in the app

I just watched module 17. Justin says I’ll find tons of backing tracks in the app but I find none. What am I missing? Is there a second app?


I think Justin means the songs in the app. They are ‘Backing tracks’ to those specific songs. I don’t think there are generic backing tracks in the app.

If you are interested, you can buy Jam tracks made by Justin, from ‘Product’ section of the website. Also there are some free backing tracks in justinguitar soundcloud

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Hi Craig,

In the app you can choose on top at the songs Band,+ vocals or clicks. If you choose “Band” you have your sort of backing track.
Or maybe that’s not what your looking for.

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I think you’re referring to the fact that most of the songs still have guitar tracks on them? If so, yeah I guess it would be nice to have an option for the Band sans guitar, but when justin says backing track he means the karaoke style tracks you can play in the app.


I see thanks. It’s not what I expected but it works.

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Many of the songs in the app also have a “Practice” option (usually leads before the Band/Vocals/Click items), but, unfortunately, there’s quite a few “lesson” songs where this practice option is absent or “tainted” by guitar parts (picking on Every Rose Has It’s Thorn as I’m doing the stuck 3/4’s currently…and that song is particularly bad in the app; to my ear at least). Overall though, if you find the “Practice” option, it’s generally pretty good.