Bad Moon Rising - CCR Cover (The missing OM XII tapes πŸ™„)

So… I messed up the start time of OM XII and joined for the sound check to find the OM was completed. Since we were all dressed up and nowhere to play, we decided to record our performance and present it here. Bad Moon Rising


Virtual fist bump from me! Well done chaps!

Enjoyed that! I always loved that song - perfect harmony work from you guys. I like how the lyrics are quite negative in content, but you were smiling all the way through!

Awesome! You sounded great together. Love some CCR. I’ve been thinking about doing a song from them.

I hope you didn’t feel too bad missing OM XII. I think of it like somebody apologizing giving me a gift the day after my birthday. Why apologize for that? You just extended my birthday celebration!

This is the after party continuation! Thanks for extending the show!

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That was excellent. Sorry you missed the OM, but I’m so glad you decided to perform regardless. Thanks for sharing :clap::clap::clap:

Nicely done peeps, you could have treated us to this during the after show chat but a delayed post works for me. Not too worried about this Bad Moon, as your laid back style made me think, I’m off out I’ll be alright all is cool !

I’ve added a am/pm column to the OM spreadsheet by the way and will make sure you make it on time in January !!


Well done, very smooth! I love CCR!

That was fantastic guys. You complemented each other so well. Really smooth performance and great vocals. Big thumbs up :+1: from me!

Good job the two of you! :clap::clap::clap: It must be awesome to have a mate to play with! I like very much this song and enjoyed your rendition! :blush:

Such chemistry, wonderful :slightly_smiling_face:

We enjoyed your rendition, and i agree with all the above. Thanks for sharing.

Great job you guys although it is a shame you haven’t started during the OM event it is still a pure pleasure to listen to you both after :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!

@Willsie01 Thanks John! :fist_left:

@twistor59 Thanks Phil, Jen watched a documentary on them very recently, and they seemed to smile through the song as well.

sah22 Thanks Scott, that is very kind. Yes, we were pretty disappointed (and I felt pretty foolish). We really look forward OM, it is a great thing to do together.

@Baz_A Thanks Barry!

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thanks Toby, and a big thank you for the work that you do putting this together.

@Traveler Thanks Travis, so do we.

@Eddie_09 Thanks Eddie.

@SILVIA Thanks Silvia, we are very lucky to have each other to make music with.

@liaty Thanks Dave!

@Malz Thanks Mal!

@adi_mrok Thanks Adrian!


Now that was a fantastic encore to the OM performances. Well done both of you. A lovely rendition to a classic song.

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Thank you!

Ahhhh the best laid plans of mice and men.

That was really good and you both looked to be having a great time with it.

A great way to close out OM XII.

I am pretty sure that it wasn’t my β€œBest” laid plan :roll_eyes:, but thank you! :smile: