Bad Moon Rising - first SoundCloud upload

My first audio upload. I’m pretty happy with the sound quality, considering it was just recorded with Voice Memo app into my ancient iPhone 6s, mounted on a small tripod in front of the speakers.

Rhythm backing from DrumBeats+ app, playing on my iPad.

@MAT1953, you were asking me about the strum pattern.

Not the whole song - just a verse and chorus repeated twice. A little shaky the first time through…I relaxed my strumming in the 2nd pass, and things got better.


Sounds like you are doing fine, Tom. Keep on keeping on, ever onward!

Tom thanks for letting me know about your first AVOYP.
Well done👍
Been separated from my guitar for the last few days at a family wedding so not had a chance to give the strumming pattern a go.

Thanks for the share Tom! Sounded good. Would be great to have some video next time too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Sounded pretty good there Tom. You’re on your way now mate. Lookin forward to some more.

Cheers, Shane

Good first AVoYP Tom. You’re on track now. I look forward to more in the future.

Hi Tom.
Nice first one :sunglasses:
And you made a good observation yourself,…keep it up…

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Tom. That sounded pretty sweet. :+1:

Nice job and congrats on your first post. Sounded good, nice and clean. Enjoyed the drums backing tracks as well. The phrasing/strumming pattern was different to what I expected. You would definitely sing over it differently to how you would sing the original. That’s not to say it’s “wrong” just different.