Badges Dont You Just Love Em!

Got another new one today, Enthusiast or something ! Yehaaa :tongueincheekemoji:

Getting very irritated by the Title Min Char banner popping up over the title, so I can’t see how many characters there are. Doh ! That’s just plain daft.

While I am here, how does the Your topic is similar to… work? This is apparently similar to Neil Young’s One Of These Days ? Answers on a postcard please.

Jokes aside.

On the Forum we have those titles … I’m an All Time Legend … and Good Vibes. Here we have Likes and Badges.

The Forum Title and the Badges mean little. And even Good Vibes is a bit arbitrary. When somebody replies to my post with thanks and appreciation I feel good, whether they add vibes or not didn’t mean as much to me.

And I’d rather get a short reply that says that is great or appreciated, rather than just a like. Got to get my head around how to deal with likes and whether or not to reply as well.

Yeah, not a big fan here either. I particularly dislike the “days of continuous use” ones, as it’s easy to become a slave to them.

An example of that, I have been using an app called Melodics to learn some drumming stuff and I had about 90 days of “streak”. I had to go to my Parents house at short notice to help them out and, unexpectedly, ended up having to stay over for a few days. I was so stressed about losing my streak at the time.

But when I resumed using using the app, I actually felt like I had been freed from some curse, and I have steadfastly avoided caring about any similar thing ever since, to the point I sometimes deliberately sabotage any streak I’ve accidentally built up so I don’t feel beholden to it.

I’m the opposite. I would rather a simple like where it’s appropriate. I think it keeps things cleaner whilst allowing people to show their appreciation, and means threads are easier to read.




Keeping the topics cleaner makes sense.

And similar to your slave to the streak, one can become dependent on the feedbacks and replies, or counting your likes for that matter.


Interesting, after being a member of the old community for years I now have to earn my badges. C’est la vie

@diademgrove Keith, good to see you here, it’s been a while. Hope you keeping well.

Not too bad thank you, how are you?

All good, thanks Keith. It’s been a tough time, but all in all I can only be grateful for our things have panned out.

@diademgrove Hey Keith great to see you back, been a while. Keep posting for more badges. As Paul Whitehouse said “Aint badges great” :wink:

This is a funny topic! Badges vs replies. Interesting, I bet there is a demographic divide, like millennials like badges, us old boomers like replies? Ha! I am in the grey zone between boomer and X, definitely not millennial, and old stodgy that I am am not into badges and unsure about simple “likes”. But, whatever works is fine!

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Have a like and a picture instead !


Why does the ‘like’ button have to be a girly heart! Couldn’t we have a thumbs up or a vibe icon.

Like David said. What is the protocol for someone giving you a like. Do you have to ‘like’ them back? Is this the sort of sh*t the kids have to deal with on all that social media stuff?

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The like is here mostly for when you want to show appreciation for a topic or reply but don’t necessarily have anything of substance to say. So instead of commenting ‘lol’ or something similar just hit the like button. Keeps the place free of clutter in conjunction with the 20 character minimum requirement for replies. I think it works great!

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I might put a photo of my cycling proficiency badge up on my RC. I got it when I was 10. :joy:

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Perhaps the gentleman would prefer a blackheart instead ?


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I’m not sure about badges, its a bit too much like school and getting a star. Enough stars and you get a gold star :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

I think the new forum is going to take a while to get used to.


Luckily my life hasn’t changed too much. Not seeing my daughters and grandson was a bit rough though. Take care.

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Woohooooo I just got one!!!

Got into the RTFI mode and learned quite a bit :innocent:

Badges better ! ?