Badly designed 'reply' button

Hmm. I’m seeing lots of issues here, but they seem like bugs. Or (more likely?) user error. Copying the pros @larynejg ! Anyway, immediately above, I replied to @Stuartw’s post about using quotes, using the gray reply button. Here’s the screen shot of what I saw - note it shows Stuartw at the top. However, I don’t see an indication that my reply was to that post:

I’m composing this current response using the big orange button, replying to the entire thread, as seen in the screen shot:

I’m writing this in a Chrome browser, because as I stated above, I have difficulty making Firefox and Safari work consistently.

Hope I’m not leading anyone down a rabbit hole. :slight_smile:


quoting entire posts …

Mark - this is a quote of your full comment (excluding the quote of mine you posted.

This is an example of quoting an entire post 100%.

That is a good point and entirely valid.
Quoting a whole post is not a problem.
Injudicious quoting of huge chunks of text when the main crux is within one sentence is an issue.

Clicking on it does not take you away from your current position. It opens a view of the post being replied to without navigating you up the topic. You do not need to scroll to find your original position as you haven’t left it.

Thanks. That’s the bit I didn’t know about, and the reason for the original question. Learn something new everyday.

Yes it see my screenshots

Totally agree.

But I’d like to note that a few months ago, the Quote functionality was badly broken on my iPad, and essentially useless to me at the time.

After a few weeks, the bug was fixed (with no notice that I ever saw), and now I use it all the time.

Maybe it still has problems on some platforms?

There was also a bug when you replied to another reply - it did not properly show who you were replying to after you posted - you had to refresh the screen. Not sure if this was fixed.

Though I suspect the main issue is that there are some confusing elements about the way the reply system works that are tripping up some users - including me when I started here.

It’s was fairly obvious to me how it was meant to work - but only after I had done it wrong a few times.

I think the biggest issue with users not replying to or quoting posts, is the fact the big reply button at the bottom of threads is far more obvious than the little arrow below each post, especially when using a mobile device.

Also a lot of the issues with the functionality changing slightly or not working at times, is likely down to browser updates.

Another forum I’m on, there are occasional complaints from users that something in the editor stops working how it should, and they often don’t coincide with anything on the forum being updated, but will then seemingly randomly start working again. They usually all come from users using a specific OS and/or browser.
Off course there are times when browser updates do break features and require a website update, but they’re generally known about quite quickly.

It sounds as if you’re sorted Stuart, but one feature I don’t think has been mentioned that can help navigation in long threads is the bar on the right (our counter on mobiles) that lets you know what number post that is on the thread. Makes it easy to get back where you want quickly :smiley:

I am thanks. I had seen the sliding bar on the right but can’t see where it numbers the post.

Also if you are writing a response and scroll up or leave the page to check another thread etc if you tap or click on the orange response title it takes you back to the position of the post you’re commenting on

I mean if you start typing a message you can navigate to anywhere on the forum website without closing the comment box and to get back to where you were when commenting just hit the orange text at the top of the comment box. Quite useful if you want to search the forum to add a cross reference into a response.

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Oooooooo,I was thinking way too complicated…hey, the Dutchman finally understands it :see_no_evil:

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@mc Hi Moray,

I’m doing another test here…I’m replying to this using the gray reply button at the end of your post. If I understand correctly, your post should indicate 1 reply , and my reply should appear indented under your post when one clicks on the indication that there is a reply. Or at least it should look something like that. I don’t think that happens, and I wonder if this is causing some of the impressions that people are not replying to individual posts. Of course, I could quote your post, but I thought that gray reply button made that unnecessary.

As I said above, this could be user error (the user being me!). If that’s the case, perhaps someone could point us to a topic describing how to best interact with the platform. :grinning:

EDIT …and of course, this time everything worked as expected! Sorry for the false alarm, but I would have SWORN this doesn’t always work! Again, probably my error somehow. FWIW, I’m currently using Firefox on a Macbook.


You are right. Sometimes it works, sometimes not (direct response, grey Reply arrow). I often have to revisit and edit my own post, because it doesn’t refer to the person it’s adressed to.

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Test with 5 more characters

This time it obviously works! :joy:

Don’t be so quick to blame yourself, Judi!

I developed software for 35+ years, and I’m 90% confident that there are both bugs and usability issues with this feature.

Though I also sympathize with the developers…trying to fix elusive, intermittent bugs on multiple platforms is no easy task.

This is a reply to Tom’s post (where he quotes @judi ).

I pressed the small grey arrow at the bottom of Tom’s post and I see his username above the text box as I type this. Let’s see if things are working or not.

I too have the problem when I reply to specific post, it doesn’t appear that way in the thread, so this is a test.

EDIT: So, the test failed for sure. FWIW, I’m using chrome on a mac.

performing the same test on my iPad…

I see your jjw1 in orange over the text box

Clicking Reply…


I also don’t see that I replied to you in upper right corner of my post in main thread.

EDIT 2: Refreshing the page does not fix it

As the last two posts have shown, this is not working reliably, at least for some of us.

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My gut feeling on this when we first started on the new Community was that if you used the grey arrow to reply to someone but it was in the following/next post to their comment, the “user icon arrow reply” (made up tech reference :rofl: ) did not show. If there had been subsequent post or posts in between it would. As I say gut feeling from the early days and I’ve not tested it, as it personally does not causes me any issues. But I do appreciate others frustration.


Toby :wave:

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Toby :wave: :wave:


:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: That is it for me i see :smiley:

Edit 2: It hasn’t been that simple all along, has it? that’s impossible… :roll_eyes:

@Socio Of course I immediately thought of Gordon, but that was never resolved, was it?

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