Ballad of the Mighty I

Good day everyone. Before February is out I thought I would post this. It is my effort at Ballad of the Mighty I by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. It’s one of his best songs I think, including that band he was in with his brother. I definitely recommend looking up the original and the album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ it’s taken from.

In the meantime you can watch me tussling with the Fm chord and some power chords in the bridge. Thanks for watching if you have a moment.


I think you generally did pretty well, Bob. The Fm was sounding OK, I think. You were doing well muting the low E string for the power chords with the root note on the A string. Keep at it and will smooth off the rough edges.

From a recording perspective I think it would be good to get your vocal a little louder relative to the guitar. Not sure how you were recording, if you were using a mic or a simple phone recording. If a latter not a lot you can do other than play a little softer and sing louder … easier said than done, I know.

Well done!

Well done Bob. I do like Noel’s stuff with the HFB and I thought you did really well with this one! Keep it up! :sunglasses:

Thanks @DavidP. Helpful and constructive as always. Just recording with the Blue Yeti mic again, with a webcam plugged into laptop. Maybe the mic wasn’t close enough this time if the voice was coming over too quiet.

I’ve been recording a few songs with Garageband recently on my iPhone. I got the adapter to connect the Yeti to it and it comes out really clear although just audio files at the moment. Not sure if you can video as well with that set up. I guess I could just film on the phone with the Yeti plugged in and not use garageband. Open to ideas if anyone knows, really just fumbling through here. It takes forever to try and find the right YouTube video that gives the details required.

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Thanks @Eddie_09 that’s very kind of you.

@CT I know you are in the Apple-verse, Clint, do you know if you can feed into GB and then output an audio stream from GB to be the audio source in a video recording?

I don’t know about recording directly into iPhone with Garageband or recording with that particular mic.

When I record on my iPhone I use a Shure MV88 mic plugged in directly to the phone and then I record video and audio with the Shure software. Then I usually Airdrop the file to my Mac and import it into iMovie. From there I can add video filters, EQ the sound a little, and make other edits. Then I upload to Youtube. The number of steps does not convey the flexibility, ease and simplicity of this process.


That was nicely done Bob and a great song to pick. Chasing yesterday has to be his best album so far. Full of great tracks.

A couple of points to hopefully help.

  1. Practice your one minute changes to get those changes spot on on the difficult chords.
  2. Make sure when you are doing your barre chords you land the barre finger first as that generally in first note you are going to hit on the strum.

Good overall performance there Bob, a tiny bit rough at the very beginning and a little timing hiccup in the bridge if I’m being brutal but that doesn’t detract at all from my enjoyment! Obviously I’m a big Noel fan from my previous postings and you certainly did it justice imo. Hope it’s one you’ll continue to work with. Bravo sir :slight_smile: :+1:

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Many thanks @SgtColon. Yes I think I’ve fallen into the habit of putting the barre down 2nd as I seem to find it easier. I think I’ll have to try and retrain with the 1min changes as you say.

Hi @Notter many thanks. Not Brutal at all, you’re right. I’ve had smoother plays of this and other songs, but never when recording. There’s only so much time……

Thanks for watching :+1:

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Oh I hear you there Bob! :wink::joy::+1:
Looking forward to more from you!

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