(Band Project) - To the Mountains

Hey folks!

Today I’m sharing a song I’ve recorded with a couple of friends I’ve been jamming with.

It’s the first try at recording with a condenser mic and multiple tracks. You can easily notice none of us know anything about production/mixing :sweat_smile:

It’s a country/folk song based on southern American music, specifically Old Crow Medicine Show.

One of my friends play bass, the other one banjo/harmonica/percussion and I’m in charge of rhythm guitar and main vocals. I’d love your insight.

Note that it’s a veeeery rough production.

Enjoy (or try)



Looks like you will need to change the settings, I get a message

This track is not available anymore. It’s either been deleted or made private by the creator.

Sorry Mari, and thank you for the message.

It’s set to public so it should work now, I apologize, it’s the first time I use SoundCloud.

Hey I love the sound! OCMS has some good tunes, I might have to add this one to our repertoire. I thought the balance in the instruments was really good, vox perhaps a bit loud. The banjo in particular really brings the vibe of the song. Nice playing from everybody. Pretty tight playing too, great job.

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You and the other dudes have captured the vibe of this southern American music Kevin. I love the banjo babbling along in it’s unique chatty way. :+1:

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Great job everyone. Got a really good vibe to this song and that in the room live feel makes it good. Yes it is a bit rough but that doesn’t matter. Bet you had a great time making it as well.

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I can tell a great time was being had by all Kevin. The slightly rough quality actually adds to the hillbilly appeal of the song and the blend of instruments works really well.
Well done to you and the band!

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Really enjoyed listening to it. Had a cool «filthy» sound to it that i really liked.

I am impressed! Very good job!!!

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Thanks everyone for taking the time listening to this, I really appreciate it!

@Mari63 Thank you Mari, I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks again for the tip on the settings of SoundCloud. The song was written by the banjo player, he really loves OCMS and opened that door for me, I love them as well now.

@batwoman Thank you Maggie, this is just a taste of what the banjo player can do, he is really talented in my opinion, I hope I can share some other recording in the future to showcase his playing.

@Rossco01 thank you Jason, it was recorded in a bedroom but I think it came out pretty well under the circumstances. And yes, we had a blast doing it, so great to do this stuff with friends.

@sairfingers thank you Gordon! We had a lot of fun with it (maybe the beers helped as well :sweat_smile: ). We played around with the blend of the tracks and this is the best we could do, I’m glad it came out like this, you can really listen to each instrument for the most part.

@tRONd thank you so much man, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I hope I can share more stuff with you in the future guys, we have a bunch of songs that we’re working out, this was a first try of making a list of home Demos to show around and hopefully play live somewhere.

Cheers everyone!

That was excellent, most enjoyable. Well done to you and the other performers, Kevin. It sounds really good overall, and you should be well pleased, all the more so given it was the first time recording and mixing a multi-track production.

I especially liked the instrumental portion around 2’30" and the pause and launch into the end of the song at 3’30".

I’d suggest that you give it a day or two and then listen back again. See what you hear with fresh ears, and decide what could make the good sound event better.

Mixing is quite subjective and presents another path of learning, in just the same way that learning to play does. I really enjoyed it and have invested time to work on that and there are others here with plenty of production experience.

So depending on how you’d like to continue we could talk more about mixing.

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I do love me a bit of country and that was bob on Kevin, I really enjoyed it.

Nice to have some jam buddies, especially when you can do stuff like that.

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@DavidP thanks so much David, for your opinion and advice on mixing and production. I’m very happy how it ended, knowing that we did everything in a little bit over 2 hours and just trying things. It is another doors that opens up and that needs time, I’m also trying to learn amp sounds and effects on the Boss Katana, and it’s fascinating and overwhelming at the same time, but my main goal with guitar is making songs so I’ll have to go at it.

@SgtColon Thank you Stefan, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s a bit scary making a song in this genre not being American, but we love this style and tried our best. Just yesterday we were back at it making another one :grimacing:

Well, that was something completely unexpected…
and how cool! :sunglasses:
you need to form a chain gang with these guys, so you have no choice but to keep jammin’ together.
More please

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That was really fun to listen to! Spirited and authentic and well played. I look forward to hearing more of your group’s music.

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Wow Kevin,
This is pretty impressive in the range of instruments used! Lots going on here! Harp and Banjo stuck out to me as you don’t hear much of that on here. I can’t play either and sims don’t do them justice. Your production is a bit raw, but all things considered, I think it came out good!

Keep up the good work as you guys rock!

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@brianlarsen thank you Brian. Immediately thought of this when I read your comment :sweat_smile:

There is more coming, it’s a threat, not a promise!

@Gwjr Thanks Garry, it means a lot that you enjoyed it, fun is what we were looking for.

@LBro thank you very much, it’s not really a Guitar centered song, but it’s always exciting to share stuff here with you guys.



Haha that’s exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote it :joy:
Wel, that and Tom Waits in Down By Law :wink:

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