Bar chord one minute change

Has there been any discussion about possibly including bar chords in a one minute change or chord perfect exercise section? I have learned just how technical I am when studying guitar and the one minute changes have been my most valuable tool for locking in chords. Thanks for any info.

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Not sure I understand the question. If you want to do OMC’s or PFC’s why not just include them in your practice routine?

The feed back from the app I guess is more what I’m in search of.

OK. I don’t use the app.

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Wow, I just checked my app. I swear those weren’t in it a year ago when I got the app. I’m past the OMCs for the open chords now… For the F barre I just made up my own routine for the chord changes depending on the songs I want to play. On the website you can just take any one minute change and edit it for any chords you want, it’s what I have done.

I’ve never seen the app. Is there any reason you can’t use barre chords instead of the same open chords? In other words, if there’s an exercise using D and A, can’t you just use barre chords instead of the open chords?

I’ve found the barre cord detection too slow, so I end up counting my changes myself and update the app count at the end.