I saw this on a classical guitar forum. DelCamp.

Interesting concept. The thread on that forum explained it more, but it is an aid for barre cords. I probably wouldn’t recommend it unless there was a finger anatomy issue that made barre cords too difficult, but if it helps someone stick with guitar past the barre stage, that is worth it!

I’m having doubts about this. To me, it looks like the index finger is losing dexterity with this rubber piece wrapped around it.
As far as i can see, it hampers the finger when playing fast parts. I might be wrong, because i haven’t seen it in action.

I think that the best way to get your barre chords down, are practice and determination. But again, i could be wrong.

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Mmmm interesting ?

I’d stick with this VVVV


Totally agree. This is more for people with anatomical or neurological problems with their finger. Clearly, one ideally learns to play barre cords normally.

This was also developed for classical guitars, which have a flat fretboard rather than a curved one.

The person that designed this had a neurologic issue with his hand (that eventually resolved) and couldn’t find an affordable traditional classical guitar without a flat fretboard (ie. 52mm and with a radius).

I just posted for interest and for anyone with structural finger problems that make barre cords an even greater challenge than they already are.

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Don’t get me wrong…but at some point it’s just time to learn to play the piano :see_no_evil:


No time like the present Rogier. It just takes 15 minutes to get started. Play Piano In 15 Minutes |

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Of course I saw that… :sunglasses:
I recently ,just before the guitar… got one :sunglasses:

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