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First in. Epic lesson. As a grade 3 beginner this one has a load of stretch targets in it for me but as a life long Greenday fan I’ll be happy to work it. Right now just trying to get my head into the push and the accents. At this strumming speed I’m finding if I actually try to count out the beats it’s never gunna happen. I almost have to slow it right down to where I can count it and get it right but when speeding back up it needs to be ingrained and automatic. Does that sound about right?

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Sounds right however I wouldn’t kill myself over counting in full speed, count when it’s slower to engrave the rhythm into your brain and at full speed it should become automatic you should feel it :slight_smile:


What’s that slide at 22.45?

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" tune it to [E Flat Tuning]- or simply use a capo on the first fret."
That’s a bit misleading, it should reather say ‘simply use a capo on the first fret while tuning to E standard’ :slight_smile:

Isn’t that what Justin said though?

Yes, he said exactly that, but the reading text under the video made me feel simply to put a capo on the first fret for play, and I was confused :slight_smile:

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"you’ll need to tune it to [E Flat Tuning ( - or simply use a capo on the first fret. Eb Tuning is simply tuning every string down one semitone. "

Doesn’t a capo on the first fret move everything up one semitone to F?

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It does.
I’ve not watched the video, but I suspect it’s just the way it’s been explained.

If you fit a capo to the first fret, tune the guitar normally (i.e. to EADGBE), then remove the capo, the guitar will now be semi-tone lower and tuned to Eb.

For beginners and those without a tuner that recognises every note, it’s easier than saying tune the guitar strings to D#/Eb, G#/Ab, C#/Db, F#/Gb, A#/Bb, and D#/Eb.
It also avoids any confusion over sharps/flats, if you’ve not learnt about basic music theory yet.


This, exactly.

I watched this one once before, just because it’s a song I like, though I’m a long way from playing it yet. That was how Justin explained the tuning: Place a capo on the first fret, tune your guitar in normal E tuning, now remove the capo and you’re in Eb.

Just watched the video quick to confirm, and it’s at the 2:12-2:40 timestamp of the video. He says you could do it that way, or, if you have a tuner that will tune to any semi-tone, you could just tune it directly to Eb. Just before that, he also says that another option would be to leave your guitar in the standard tuning and use software to raise the Green Day recording by one semi-tone. That seems like a lot more work than just re-tuning your guitar!

So, I hope that helps!

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Ahhhhh, thanks!!

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