Bass and chord strumming (thick and thin strings)

I am trying to get in the habit of keeping my arm moving up and down smoothly when strumming. When playing chords straight on it is fairly easy.

The challenge I have is when strumming the bass note (thicker strings) and then the chord thinner strings on the 2& of the bar with the D chord. I find I almost have to just pick the bass string which I count as 1& and then strum through the thinner strings.

With chords like G, C, E etc easy to move your arm the whole way down after strumming the bass strings but with D, D minor and other chords I don’t play as of yet much harder to do this. I try and works sometimes but other times I catch too many notes.

Any suggestions on this? Should I keep practicing to move my arm all the way down on bass note strum?

Hi Attila,

You could try and mute some of the other strings. Then it doesn’t matter if you catch them.

Don’t stress too much accuracy will come with time and practice