Basta - Samsara (cover)

Hello everyone!
after a pause, Mike and I did this cover. This time our wonderful vocalist Anastasia joined us and did female vocals.
The original song was performed by the famous Russian musician Basta, who is considered a rapper in our country. Ha-ha. I give a link to the original video, there Basta is helped with vocals by several famous Russian rockers. Of course, this is not “USA for Africa”, but the form is the same :wink:
And the video itself is amazing, it helps to understand the author’s idea. If someone has time, I recommend to watch.
And many thanks to our “Madman” Toby, who helped me with lyrics translation into English. Sorry, buddy, but I couldn’t pronounce one of your phrases well there, so I used my one! I promise to practice tongue twisters :smile:
Do it in spite, do it by hand
Turn over the world, knock over the sky.
In every single sketch, in every draft
The teacher is alive in his disciples.
I’ve been going down all my life,
I’ve been looking for love to love the only one.
They said it’s too late to save and to cure us,
I don’t care because our children will be better than we are,
Better than we are,
Better than we are…
When I’m gone, I will be singing
In the voices of my children, my children, and their children.
We’re being swapped around.
That’s the law of Samsara –
It’s the Cycle of mankind. O-o-oh, mama…
We can’t be erased, we live out of spite,
Let it be bad luck, but we’ll take what’s ours.
And this sky is your stage, it’s upside down here
And this star in the dark is the lantern lit by you.
Thousands of me were there before me and will be there after me,
And a thousand not of me.
And we’re broken into pieces again, and we can’t be fixed,
I don’t care because our children will be better than we are,
Better than we are,
Better than we are…
When I’m gone, I will be singing
In the voices of my children,
My children, and their children.
We’re being swapped around.
That’s the law of Samsara –
It’s the Cycle of mankind.
O-o-oh, mama…


That was really enjoyable to listen to, it didn’t sound at all like Rap as I know it, more like a ballad.
It’s nice to hear a female voice on one of your productions, perhaps it could be more often :+1:
I’ve been listening to one of your country’s female singers recently who has an amazing voice, you may know of her, it’s Diana Ankudinova, she is a true Contralto and has got me under her spell :joy:
Great song and production, more please!

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Oh boy this turned out way better than I imagined. Now its fleshed out with both vocals and Mike’s solos and all the instruments, Its up there as one of your best. Its come a long way from the demo “tapes” and the production is top notch. Great to hear Anastasia as well. I’d have to check the emails to see which phrase you dropped but it made no difference, as your carried off the vocals superbly. Glad to have been of help as always !



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Hello Leonid,
That was awesome :smiley:. Your voice and that of Anastasia suited so perfectly to the song.
Also thank you for doing the extra work and translating the lyrics into English, so that we can understand the meaning of the song.

It’s a beautiful message :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

I also checked out the original version (thanks for the link). Really nice song and loads of wonderful pictures :hugs:.

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Wow,boys and girl,
Fantastic :sunglasses: :bouquet: :clap: :sunglasses:, and I would add this to my youtube playlist,(if i could)… really great in all areas… :boom:

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Cool Leo & Mike and the guest singer!
Where did you pick up what I think is violin?
Nice clean sounding mix. It sounds airy and very detailed!

Leo, did you play your Gibson on this one? I like the orchestral type instruments in this. Very tasty indeed. Ah, your new singer is “Ace”! She sounds really good. Did you track her in your studio Leo, or did she send in her vox parts?

All play and sing well in this one. I admire you doing your best on the English lyrics conversion! You would not want to hear my attempt at going the other way and me singing in Russian!

Paka, (or is it пока́?)

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I just took in the video. My comment goes something like this. I think Russian Rap, if that is what it is. Is a whole lot better than the Americana version my friend! IMHO, ours is crap and yours is music!


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Another top class pro production, Leo. Congrats to you, Mike, and Anastasia.

I love the diversity of styles you are exploring through the songs you choose to cover.

As for this being typical rap/hop-hop as I know it, the music gives it quite a different feel. And while the vocal did have a ‘spoken’ feel to it, and some accented cadence in verse 2, it still came across as singing to me (rather than rapping).

I enjoyed your cover and the original.

Rock on!

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@DarrellW , @TheMadman_tobyjenner , @NicoleKKB, @roger_holland , @LBro , @DavidP ,
thank you, guys!
@DarrellW , yes, I know Diana Ankudinova, she’s great!
@TheMadman_tobyjenner , I’m so glad Anastasia helped us with vocals. Always it’s cool to work with her.
@NicoleKKB , I think this message is great, too. Thank you!
@LBro , violin is “assemble strings” from Halion. Yes, I played Gibson. This time I used thin pick (0.53), that is why the sound is so soft. Anastasia sang in my home studio, as always. Why do you call her 'new singer"? :wink: She started to sing with us 8 years ago when she was a schoolgirl, you can find her voice on our old songs. And now she is a pretty young lady :sunglasses:
@DavidP , I agree with you and I’d like to call this “singing” but not “rap” :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow! What a feast of good sounds.

Take a bow Mike, Anastasia and Leo. :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet:


Well Leo - She is a “new singer” to me as my memory is not great and I forgot! :frowning:
That is great though and it makes me think you have your own “NaNa” over there! :slight_smile:
You are fortunate Leo, to have such singing talent close to you!

That Gibson is boss!

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Leo and Mike and Anastasia, You once again are pushing the boundaries of excellence with this one. Leo, your vocal really shines on this, and the acoustic guitar is excellent, especially when you break into that cool rhythm at 4:23 ! Mike, your guitar play is just tops. I love the way you can make it scream, yet make it sound so laid back and express so much emotion; it’s so perfectly executed. I’ve run out of adjectives for you two. And the addition of Anastasia is a special treat for us. Her voice fits perfectly in this piece. Great song, great performance and mix.

Leo wow that is really great, I felt so immersed into the track and Anastasia’s voice just made it whole another level of enjoyment. Guys you and Mike are as usual top class! Thanks for sharing and all the best to you all!

@batwoman ,
Thank you so much, Maggie. It’s always nice to read your warm comments!
@oldhead49 ,
Dave, thank you for such a detailed “debriefing”!
Yes, I also liked the result of our joint work - ha ha! But I want to highlight Mike’s role here in particular. His guitar, this “wall of sound” makes our cover in many ways different from the original.
Adrian, thanks for the comment. And thanks to Anastasia for agreeing to participate in this. Her vocals here are some of the best I’ve heard.

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That was cracking Leo. I really enjoyed it. Mike and you sure do put out some excellent work and the addition of Anastasia’s vocals added a whole other level.

@SgtColon ,
thanks for your comment, Stefan, I always appreciate it!

What a terrific production - seriously well done folks!