Battery powered amp

Does anyone know if Marshall make a small but useable battery powered amp that also incorporates a true headphone socket? If not I’m headed towards a Roland Street Cube, for playing away from home and off grid.

Looks like just the ms2 and ms4, they look uh rough.

Yes, forget those😂

tbh I would just get a battery powered modeler that can do a plexi or whatever


I’d vote for a NuX Mighty Space amp.

Street Cube is probably top of the list for this kind of thing. Vox makes a battery powered portable, too.

I got Positive Grid Spark MINI last month and it’s great.

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I’m happy with my Joyo 10W (MA-10E) for a quick and portable play around. Super affordable (around $50 US) and very lightweight (1300 Grams). I used it on this track playing with a looper and some delay on the OD channel:
Caribou Slobber

I have the Orange Crush Mini - has a headphone socket and gets a lot of play time from the 9V battery. Isn’t great for super dirty tones, but gets the job done when you need a portable practice amp.

The small “traditional” amps in this size/price range aren’t great, I think the Roland Cube or Blackstar Fly are probably the best.

Here is a comparison video of battery powered mini amps I used to pick the Orange (I know I just said the Roland and Blackstar are better, I just like the Orange tones, what can I say):

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Thanks for that, I’m a bit of a traditionalist at heart but I agree the Fender and Marshall options don’t really cut it.