BC Rich acoustic guitars

Does anyone know anything about BC Rich acoustic guitars?

I paid £5 to a bloke in the pub, must be around 30 years ago, when I knew absolutely nothing about guitars or how to play.So how old it is is anyone’s guess. It’s a BC Rich electro acoustic model RE - 30 TBK
All I know is that BC Rich make funny shaped electric guitars and they started out with Mr Rich making acoustics in a small workshop somewhere in the USA. But mine has a made in Korea sticker on the back of the headstock.

It got me started playing guitar but I don’t think I ever played it after I bought an electric because the electric was so much nicer to play.
I recently found it under a pile of junk in a very grubby state. The strings were rusty and one broke with the first strum! The tuners are a bit tarnished but should cleanup. Before I took the strings off I noticed the high action and it had quite a bit of neck relief. The truss rod was siezed up but I managed to free it and can get the neck straight and even into backbow.
A quick wipe over with a damp cloth revealed not a bad looking guitar and nothing seems to be broken or out of place. It needs a jolly good clean but I’m thinking of getting it playing again and maybe keeping it in the brew room for a quick minute or two’s practice now and again.

I’ve no idea what strings to put on it though. It has 20 frets, single cutaway and scale length measures 25 1/4 inches from inside edges of nut and saddle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

🎸 David

Hi David,

Interesting story :slight_smile: Before putting on strings and everything, I’d try to look inside the guitar (maybe with a mirror if possible) to check if everything is okay with the bracing and there are no cracks or anything suspicious. Maybe a checkup by a luthier or at a local guitar store would be worth it if you plan to keep it.


Thanks Jozsef, I’ve had a look inside using phone camera and everything looks in good nick. There’s a TDK battery on the electro controls that would need replacing but I aren’t thinking of plugging it in.
On closer inspection both the nut and the saddle look lower on the treble side but I’m guessing that’s normal?