Beatles Dear Prudence

Hi everyone. This is the song I performed at the Open Mic XIV, but recorded a week before the performance. Sharing here because something just clicked for me when I recorded this and I felt great (although there are a few places that stick out to me) - then during the open mic my timing on my fingerstyle rhythm went out the door for the first 1/3 of the song and I completely missed part of the lyrics (turned into intelligible scatting) during the 3rd verse. Completely took me by surprise because I really felt I had this one nailed and wouldn’t have any issue with the performing gremlins!

So sharing what I had expected to be able to present for the OM. Ah well, practice practice practice right? Was still a great experience and I find I learn different things when trying to record and publish a video vs when playing live, so all good.


Great job Jesse!

I really enjoyed your open mic performance. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I’ve had practices where I’ve felt like I 100% got it and then the next day feel like I have no idea what I’m doing :laughing: I enjoyed this recorded version a lot as well too! I definitely know what you mean by the performing gremlins. I’ve been tempted to re-record the song I did at the first open mic because the gremlins were super active for me that day.

I really liked your vocals here too. I was singing along with you! I’m adding this song to my “I want to learn this at some point” list of songs :wink:

Hey Jesse well done on your performance the other night and what a great dry run as well! We share similar self critique tendency towards ourselves which is a real torn in a finger, so let me tell you what others are saying to me as well - don’t beat yourself up, you did great and you managed to keep going which is the most important bit that makes us audience not focus on hiccups along the way! All the best.

Hi Jesse,
I totally empathize with you. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I can get through a piece with barely a mistake, as soon as I’m playing in front of others it becomes a whole different story.
It’s both surprising and I’m even starting to find it comical. Almost like I’m outside of my body, watching myself, and shaking my head (really? I fumbled THAT lick which had been second nature on the previous 2 dozen tries!) :slight_smile:

You did great, and I can tell watching your fingers that you put a lot of work into this. Your right hand seems like it’s on auto-pilot, indicative of a lot of practice.
Also wanted to say that you organized the piece nicely. The change in dynamics was nice and kept me engaged. Really enjoyed it.


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Thanks @Jenndye429 , @adi_mrok , and @Charlie_James - appreciate your watching the video and for the encouraging words. I was able to let the OM performance roll off my back - mainly because I had also flubbed the one before as well so realized it’s just a part of the experience. Charlie I love your approach of just laughing at it because really what else can you do?

I’m taking it as a learning experience and a way to keep me coming back for more, because I know one of these times I’m going to be able to nail it with a fingerstyle song (I feel like I’ve been able to nail it with strumming/rhythm based songs)!

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Nicely played Jesse. And your voice really suits this tune too. Great job mate

Wonderful recording Jesse and it was a great listen on the night as well. A great song that you certainly do justice.

Nice share Jesse, I can see why you feel the way you do on this recording, absolutely smashed and that shift in dynamics in the latter section, wow! :+1:

I think you’re being a little harsh on yourself for the OM performance but I get where you’re coming from. I think that encapsulates the whole point of the OMs really, getting that experience of playing with and, more importantly, through the nerves to still deliver a supremely enjoyable performance.

Hello Jesse, wow, what a great performance :star_struck:. The change in dynamics was fantastic :smiley:. This was a real treat to my ears :blush:.

That was superb Jesse you are a skillful player and I agree with the others you’re being too harsh on your OM performance I thought it was great! :clap:t2:

Great to see these dry runs after the OMs, we all beat ourselves up on the night and say how it could have been. But man the nerves kick in when its live for sure. Lovely to watch you playing this again and being a little more relaxed. Great performance but then I also thought the OM set was good as well and so good to see someone growing from the experience. Well done Jesse.


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Hi Jesse,

One of my fave Beatles tracks.
You’ve done a great job - really nailed those higher notes in the vocal too.
Nice dynamics throughout.

You played in front of an audience - put it out there. Hats off for that alone.