Been subbed a year, last few months have been horrible

Big fan and a supporter of Justin Guitar. I’ve bought a handful of book and have subbed to the app for a year now. The last couple of months have been brutal in terms of songs added. We’ve lost MORE songs than what we’ve added since the big change in the app.

I’m Hispanic, but 2 months worth of obscure Latin songs? I mean, the app isn’t exactly cheap at $10 a month… Compare that to subbing up for Guitar Tricks or Fender Play… we’re in the same neighborhood.

While I do appreciate everything I’ve learned thus far. It’s hard to justify a continued subscription when things are taken away, promises of more to come, then 2 months worth of Latin Pop songs…

Just Sayin’

I’m sorry, but that’s just not true. Yes, a lot of songs disappeared… for licensing issues which were not the fault of Justin or Musopia. They don’t set the rules or the fees. If the rights owner wants them gone then they have to go, and that’s that. Also, since that occurred last year, hundreds of songs were added. Granted, not all of them were full backing tracks with vocals, instead being midi tracks, but they’re still new.

So while you might not like the content that has been added, to say that more has been lost than gained is simply not true. So they spent a month adding Latin songs. So what? I’m sure plenty of other people are enjoying them. Perhaps they’ll have a rock month in February and a country month in March. Who knows? You can’t expect them to tailor every update to your personal tastes.

Before you ask, no I am not a blind supporter of Justin and his products. I actually let my sub expire last month because the price hike was, to put it mildly, ridiculous. However, I don’t like people exaggerating and spreading falsehoods, which then get taken as fact by the uninformed.


This is correct - a lot of rock and pop songs were added late in 2022.

I think the diversity of songs in so many genres is one of the reasons for the apps success…you can find some songs to play no matter what kind of music you like.

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