Before you accuse me - listen first

My guitar teacher always encourages me to sing and play something over a drum track. So I did and had the idea of a “kind of 12 bar blues thing” and layered a few guitar tracks over the drums, added a bass line and it kind of reminded me of “before you accuse me” by Eric Clapton. Of course not to compare with the original song. Let’s call it a “X-Mas Special” - that could mean anything :slight_smile:


Not easy to sing when you’re not a born singer but it’s a good practice and as you get older you don’t care less about stuff… feedback appreciated!


I can’t sing to save my life so I only do it with loud music. You sound a lot better than I ever could. I really like the sound of the guitar. What kind is it? It reminds me of what I’ve been listening to a lot lately- Eric clapton and Mark Knopfler. Listen to Someday by those guys.

Singing is good with loud music or under the shower :sunglasses: it’s a Godin Montral Premiere and I used the P90 Pickups. My favourite guitar! Knopfler is in my all time playlist, such an incredible songwriter. I will listen to the song u mentioned. And thanks for your reply! Have a nice X-Mas time.

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Nice job,
Reminds me of the time my voice coach had me trying to do something like this while clapping and hoping around on one leg in time. I could not do it!
All the best,

Ha, this sounds like a joyful exercise! I happily sat, played and sang without standing on one leg. But listen to yourself is the hardest. Take care and thanks for your replies!

Very nice. I see where you picked up the “before you accuse me vibe.”

There’s nothing wrong with your voice. I think you can build on that foundation. I’d suggest embracing the “don’t worry about it” attitude you mentioned, and really sing out. While your voice sounds good, you could have a stronger delivery. My advice is to “don’t worry about it,” sing out, and support your voice by breath from your diaphragm. Sing it like you mean it! :slight_smile:

Like anything, the more you practice and do it, the better you’ll get.

That was ever so tasty, Eric, both your play and your vocal. I was disappointed when you stopped after two verses.

To add to what JWC said, maybe check out Chris Liepe’s Free Your Voice mini-course. I started with that and then moved to his Discover Your Voice paid course. I’m not yet done but has made a huge difference to my singing.

@sah22 thanks for the reference to Someday, fabulous.

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@DavidP Absolutely! I love that song. I’m hoping in 5 years I could play that, but just strum along, not the solos. I love that sound. I don’t expect to play it as well of course, but for my own enjoyment. We’ll see if I’m wishful thinking.

Check out the whole album. Eric Clapton and Friends, The Breeze: An appreciation of JJ Cale.

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@DavidP and @J.W.C thanks for taking the time listening to the song. I will watch the lesson on singing, thanks. Now it’s time to listen to your songs and uploads and practice some more myself!