Beg 2 Consilidation - Chocolate Jesus acoustic version

I previously posted a video of this song playing an electric guitar. A close friend asked if I would post an acoustic version because they thought it would be a richer and more full sound given my playing space. So I recorded one for him and thought I would share it here also.
Chocolate Jesus unplugged.MOV - OneDrive (

As always your feedback is most appreciated.


Sounding good Robert. I liked the first recording but this one has a little more presence on the acoustic. You perform well, in addition to the playing, well done :sunglasses:

Thank-you, Toby. I am thinking I will use the acoustics a bit more as I record more songs for the reasons you state. The electrics won’t be gathering any dust, just may not be featured as much.

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Yes, I think your acoustic version is better!
It’s really a matter of it being the most relevant instrument for the song, it sounds more ‘organic’ and in keeping with the song!
Well done with it, you played and sung it well.

Thanks, Darrell. The acoustic seems to fill the room better also.

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Oh yum, more CJ. Thanks for this Robert. I think Cliff is right, there’s a warmth and fullness in the acoustic tones. There’s more attitude and sass in your performance here too. I like that.

Hi Robert.
I enjoyed your electric version, but this one was an improved version. The acoustic seemed to me to suit the song better and the pick strum technique came over better too. I think the acoustic has more warmth and feeling for this type of song. Keep your electric for more rocky numbers.

You also sang it better too. Having done it before you came across as more confident. Well done from me.

Hi Robert, glad to hear two different versions of the same song. Equally good and enjoyable, but I prefer the electric guitar style (although I myself play mostly on acoustic), as the short and muted strum sounds with better effect on electric.

Bravo on the encore reprise, Robert.

I’ll join those who preferred the acoustic version. I especially like the change up in strumming pattern in the second half, the build in energy. Honestly can’t recall if you did the same with the electric rendition.

As to the instrument choice, over and above song choice, which I think could be combined with how one interprets and plays a song, it may be that for the electric to come into its own tone-wise you need more volume.

I’ve noticed playing with my own amp, that that just a little bit more on the master volume, adds extra fullness to the tone. Even on a pretty clean tone. And I am not talking about cranking up to window-threatening levels, though loud enough that my family are likely to complain.

In your case, I imagine if the electric guitar gets that loud on a clean tone, without it becoming unmanageable from a playing perspective, then singing over it to get a decent guitar-vocal balance in a phone-recorded video could become a challenge.

Just my 2cs worth to be taking with a hand full of salt :grin:

Irrespective, both were most enjoyable, showcasing excellent progress.

Look forward to the next song recorded in your consolidation phase.

How about this? Verse with electric, chorus with acoustic :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

:laughing: you’d need some fancy gear to hold the instruments as you move back and forth between them during a live sing and play recording. But I’ve seen such instrument stands and watched a video of, if I recall correctly, Gary Moore singing while playing an acoustic that was held on a stand.

Of course also a lead into multi-track recordings, which is something that grabbed me reasonably early after starting to follow Justin’s path. I have sacrificed video that shows me recording my vocal and playing guitar but at some point in the future, I may produce such a video.

A PRS piezo semihollow guitar may be able to do this trick. My dream guitar.

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Hi Robert, well done. I thought both the electric and acoustic performances were excellent. To me the star of the show was the acoustic version, I found it more personal and engaging.

@firstrazor @Socio @DavidP @sairfingers @batwoman
Thank-you all for the comments and suggestions. This is what makes me so glad I took the leap and started posting in AVoYP.

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Nice job; I prefer this acoustic version (both the sound and the performance).

I just went back to re-reference your electric version, too. I think you could improve that by increasing the volume of your amp. Basically get the amp loud enough that you (and the mic, and the listener) can’t hear any acoustic noise from you guitar and guitar strings. I think you’ll get a rounder and more satisfying tone from the electric that way. The downside is that you might need a separate mic for vocals in order for them to be heard properly.

Well done, Robert! I am a beginning intermediate player of about the same age as you and feel greatly encouraged. Keep playing!

Hi Robert, nice job! I like that you played and sang this standing up too (something I haven’t done yet).

Jason, that is the stopper for now.
Thanks for the suggestions. I will turn the amp up to find that sweet spot where the amp is as loud as possible but my vocals can still be heard. With the distance between myself and the iPhone I use to record being much shorter than the distance from phone to amp I should be able to improve the dynamics.

@Gech @Sarahsus2
Thanks for the listen! Age is a relative thing; do the things you enjoy today. No need to wait until tomorrow. :smiley:
I play standing up because I find it more comfortable and easier to form chords. Not sure why that is. :thinking:

So true. I’ve enjoyed the process of learning the guitar very much. It’s better than meditation.

I should play standing up more.