Beg 2 Consolidation 3 Little Birds interpretation

Adrian, thank-you so much for the kind words of encouragement!

Good job Robert. Coming along nicely I reckon. Reggae’s not the easiest rhythm style to get down, but I could feel it in your playing. Especially when you sang along with it as well- not easy either.

Well done mate.

Nicely done and sounding pretty good. I think your singing is ahead of play, simply due to I don’t hear much guitar in there. Did you have to be quiet or something? Do you have any sort of an amp to use? If not and you want something simple, fairly cheap, portable, with ok sound. You could pick up something like this. I found this little amp to be pretty good. I have bigger amps, but this is kind of neat.

At any rate, you are off to a great start and all the rock’n best as you go on your guitar journey!

Great job Robert, keep them coming! I thought you did fantastic, both singing and playing.

What kind of guitar is that? I’m really loving the look of offsets lately.

:champagne: bravo, Robert, living the dream!

Well done on your first recording, you’re doing great.

Look forward to the next one as you continue to consolidate.

Seems like an awesome space to make music in and was that a rather large Marshall I glimpsed in in the background :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank-you, Shane! It is good to know that reggae feeling was coming through. :sunglasses:

Thank-you. I was playing through my Marshall modelling amp set to American Clean. The amp volume was at 3, which is plenty loud normally but I had the guitar volume turned down perhaps a bit too much. Playing only through the bridge pickup set to series phase. If I turn the guitar volume up too much it sounds very sharp due to the massive amount of wood in the room. Achieving the proper balance is a work in progress. I appreciate your interest and I will continue to experiment with the sound.

I wondered about that. At first I thought you weren’t using an amp at all, but then I saw the cable. The acoustic sound of your guitar’s strings was prominent, so I figured you either had the amp off or turned down really low.

As an alternative to turning down the volume, you could try playing with the EQ on your amp and your guitar’s tone knob, if the room is super-bright. A go at it with an acoustic guitar would probably be cool, too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the listen and kind words!
The guitar is a G&L Doheny V12. Check it out here CLF Research Doheny V12 | G&L Musical Instruments (
The guitar is amazing! The action is so smooth that I often have to consciously lighten my touch. The sound possibilities are so astronomical I have barely scratched the surface.

Thank-you, David.
That is actually two Marshall amps, one stacked atop the other. I was playing through the top amp, a Marshall Code 50. Check out my Learning Log for pics of my equipment.
The room I have all my gear in is our basement that I finished with wood off the property. The ceiling is Big Tooth Aspen and the walls are Tulip Poplar. The trim and furnishings are Red Oak. It is not the best acoustic set up but probably better than the concrete block foundation. :wink:

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The next video will feature an acoustic guitar. Hope to have it up within a week.


Really enjoyed that Robert. I’m consolidating beginner grade 1 and three little birds is one of my favourites. Really cool that you sang as well. Something for me to aspire to. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re doing great Robert. Keep 'em coming.

Great work on adding a more collection strum and rhythm! I hope you don’t mind if I use it to learn off of myself. I am at a similar, but slight behind stage and am trying to get more rhythm and music into my playing. I hadn’t jumped to this yet, but you inspire!

Possibly a good song to try singing as well. It has been ingrained in my memory for 40 plus years!

Thank-you, Tim! 3 Little Birds is such a light-hearted fun song. Singing for me is a mixed bag. I love to sing the songs I play but I realize my singing needs some work, to put it mildly :grinning:

Thanks, Maggie! That’s the plan.

It is such a fun song. I encourage you to sing it as you play and add to your enjoyment. It is helpful of course to have the playing down solid before you add the vocals.
Have you checked out Strumming Techniques on the JG website?
Strumming Techniques 1&2 |

Oh yes, and continuing to work with those is on the list. It is a looong list!

Part of working with it is looking at just what you have done. Taking a nice song from early in the course and bringing in a bit more advanced strumming, timing and singing.

Right on Robert! Playing a more complex rhythm while singing at this stage is not easy. Kudos and keep it up.

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Hi Robert, you got a reggae feel in there so well done! I always feel more engaged with a performer that shows their feeling for what they’re doing with their body movement. You had that and it worked.

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