Beg 2 Consolidation 3 Little Birds interpretation

As part of my consolidation of Beginner 1 & 2 I am submitting video of various songs to the community for comment.
My goal in this song was to apply some semblance of a reggae beat.


Great job, Robert! This is such a fun song. Keep them coming.

Well done Robert, you’re heading in the right direction for sure!
Keep at it and above all enjoy it!

Nice share Robert doing grand by the looks of things. Looking forward to more. :sunglasses:

Well done Robert. Vibes from me for a first AVoYP post.
I liked the little intro riff and you’ve got a reggae beat going on there. Maybe try not to ‘stab’ at the strum so much. Try for a smoother up and down strum action.

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Nice one. You are certainly catching that dream you are chasing,and entertaining us during the chase.

Good job, Robert. You’re working the reggae timing, and I especially liked how you just kept performing right through any little hiccups. That’s the way it’s done. :slight_smile:

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That would be a first! :upside_down_face:
Thank-you for the kind words. Being part of this community definitely adds to the enjoyment.

Oh, there will be more. You all don’t get off that easy…

Thanks for the listen, Toby.

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Gordon, thank-you for the listen and the advice. I agree less stab, more smoothness would be good. The stab, I think, is a result of concentrating hitting the ‘and’ and staying generally in time.
Vibes from me to you - even if they be only in the ether on this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank-you, OH. Actually being entertaining is one of my goals for the dream.

That little hiccup towards the end is where I meant to ad lib ‘yeah, it’s goin to be alright’ but did not get it out. What fun!

Could also be that you’re unconsciously being more aggressive with the strumming because you’re playing an electric with minimal or no amplification.

Congratulations on the fact that your attempt includes the reggae strumming. That’s a challenge for me.

Wow I am actually amazed, being that early in your journey and being able to sing along already?! Cracking job, well done! I see bright future in front of you, you had so much groove and you looked really relaxed while playing, very valuable quality to have!

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Good on you sir! Get your music out there and let the chips fall where they may. You’re off to a good start, 3 lil’ birds is a rite of passage around here. Well done!

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Thanks, Sandy. In every song I record for this consolidation I hope to include some additional learning experience. When I looked back at Justin’s 3 Bird lesson video I took to heart his comment to revisit the song further along in the journey and incorporate the reggae beat - so that was my challenge. It was hard at first but an acquittance who plays guitar suggested I incorporate the root note on the downstroke and play the chord on the ‘and’. It really helped. I would like to refine it a bit further and play the root on 2 and 4 and use upstrums on the ands.

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Thank-you, Adrian! My singing is rudimentary at this point and maybe a bit off key at times, but I just really feel the urge to sing when I play.

Thank-you, sir! The chips will be flying more now that I have summoned the courage to put it all out there and received such a warm response from everyone.

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And I support it, as long as you are able to develop even an ability to sing early along you should keep pursuing it. I remmeber when I was starting I was loosing rhythm, or I stopped singing because of my attention running towards guitar part. And you just stand there and carry on like its nothing, wow I am really amazed. Well done sir :slight_smile:

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