Beginner 2 Consolidation - Ain't No Sunshine interpretation New Link

I really like this song so when I found it on the Beginners App I just had to play it. However, all down strokes just didn’t work for me. Jose Feliciano did an interpretation that I thought was very good and inspired me to do my thing with the song. When I am more experienced with bar chords, I will redo the song using the min7 chords in the Beginners songbook. This take has the best vocals, such as they are, but the playing and timing are not as good as an earlier take. I could record it a hundred times and probably still not get it all correct, so I am just going to go with this:


Is there a way to listen without signing into One drive?

I’m also not able to access your recording…

@sah22, @ Tom_B

Ooops! Sorry, I messed up the link. I am going to delete the post and repost with a link I hope works.
Thanks for attempting to listen.

Not working for me either Robert.

Sorry, everyone. Having a bit of trouble linking the video. Momentary lapse of remembering how I did the last one.
I think I have it straightened out so please click on the link in the original post.

@Tom_B, @sah22, @sairfingers Please try the link again.

May be me but I still can’t get it

I can access, maybe because I have OneDrive account?

Good to see you posting Robert. You’re making progress.

Link working fine for me, Robert, and don’t seem to need to sign in.

You are making good progress, some nifty strumming there.

I have my own struggles with timing. Perhaps this one would be good to record with a metronome in the background. And maybe keep the hand moving continuously to help maintain a steady groove.

Beautiful looking and sounding guitar.

When I access the link from my main browser it prompts me to login (using my work-related Microsoft account). I didn’t want to do that (because my only MS account is the work-related one), but I found that loading a different browser that I never use for work (and didn’t have any cached MS credentials) avoided the need for a MS/OneDrive login.

Nice Taylor!

As David said, you’re doing well and making good progress. I like the way you’re going for some vocal stylings. You mentioned that timing wasn’t as good in this take. I’d suggest practicing this with a metronome or drum beat, and also keeping time with your right hand, even when you’re not strumming the strings. Tapping your foot is good, too. Another thing you could try out is keeping a beat by tapping your right hand on the guitar’s body in the gaps where you’re not strumming, giving a percussive, almost drum-like effect.

Well done, and keep sharing!

Complete tangent: I envy your guitar/media room. I know in a previous post you mentioned that all the wood and hard surfaces make it a very bright and reflective room. If it were me, I’d think about adding some throw rugs and/or some acoustic wall panels. Would help diffuse the sound and cut down on reflections and standing waves. Just a suggestion. (Audio on this recording sounded fine, by the way.)

Hi Robert. Link working now!
I love that song and I enjoyed your version. I like that you’ve introduced some vocal styling of your own.

Two issues I can see. Timing and strumming action.
I think they can both be resolved with one fix.

Keep a steady up and down strumming action in time with the song’s beat. Remember, you don’t need to hit the strings every time your hand goes up and down. You can still get the dynamic that you achieved in the song but without stopping your strumming hand. Every time you stop your strumming hand you are forcing yourself to have to pick up the beat again and that’s what’s affecting your timing.
It takes time and practice.

Well done, you’re doing great and I too love your wooden lounge/guitar area. Lovely guitar!

It is good to be here! Thanks for the listen. I could use some voice coaching if your willing.

Thanks, David. You are correct about keeping the hand moving. That is something I really need to work on. Also, I think my concentrating so much on getting a vocalization that would match the chords also took away from my timing.

Thank-you, Jason. Very good advice that I will most certainly work on. I have a Trio+ that I intend to use for a timing prompt. I just need to spend some time setting it up and learning how to arm the thing. A good steady beat when arming the thing is probably paramount.

I named the guitar Alika, which means ‘the beautiful one’ in the Hawaiin dialect.

This seems to be a recurring theme. :pensive:
Thank-you for the advice. It is well received and i will act on the suggestions everyone as put forth here.

Cool. Are you in Hawaii? (In the mid-80s I lived on Oahu for a couple years, at the Aliamanu Military Reservation.)

To everyone who takes the time to listen and comment:
You are what makes this forum so worth the time and effort to participate. The support and constructive criticism, always given in a sincere and friendly manner, is priceless. Love to all of you.

About the guitar:
Many times it has been mentioned that having a guitar that speaks to you can be a huge incentive to actually play it. This guitar certainly speaks to me and I am told the sound characteristics of koa wood improves the more the instrument is played. How could I not play it? :smiley:

No, I live in Indiana. Hawaii is one of two states I have yet to visit. That will be rectified in 2022. The other state is North Dakota. Just haven’t come up with a good reason to go there, yet. :grinning: