Beginner 2 Consolidation - Chocolate Jesus

Song 3 of my 10 song consolidation. After listening to the only two Tom Waite recordings of this I could find on the web, I have attempted to meld them together and emulate the tambourine/ banjo rhythms. Hope it works.

01 - OneDrive (



Robert, I was able to open the location but received an error message when trying to either play or download the video.

Whaaaa hoooo Robert, you’ve given us a great rendition. Nice hat.

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Darn, now I feel I am missing out. Issue must be on myside. I’ll try a different device later, probably being blocked by my work laptop security filters.

@DavidP when you get to see the video, you might want a hat like Robert’s :cowboy_hat_face:

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That was fantastic Robert. Well play and well sung. Love the hat as well.

I’ve never heard the song before but I really enjoyed it. Bravo and I look forward to hearing more of your songs in the future.

Well done Robert, liked it!
Your hat is cool :sunglasses:

Really nice Robert. That sounded good to me.

@DarrellW @SgtColon @Rossco01 @batwoman
Thank-you for the listen! I may need a bigger hat :grin:

@DavidP keep trying. I value your feedback.

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That was really good Robert. You caught the vibe of the song well. Good vocal too.
Clean chords without looking at the fretboard, nice strumming action with accents on the beat. It was all there.
Oh and playing while standing up too. Something I’ve never tried. (I don’t actually have a strap). :joy:

Edit: meant to ask. Is that a thin-line Tele type?

Fine rendition, Robert, enjoyed both your playing and the singing. And of course a cool hat.

Nothing stood out for me in terms of anything to focus on or watch out for.

Look forward to song 4

Hi, Gordon. Thanks-for the reply. I really appreciate it!

The guitar is a G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Semi-hollow Bluesboy. It has a Medium C, 9.5 radius, 1-11/16 nut neck. I really like this neck profile. Both my G&Ls have the same profile and my Taylors have a very similar profile. Fits my smallish hands well.

David, so glad you were able to download it. Thank-you!
Song 4 is going to take some development because I want to add some fills that I have just started figuring out.

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Nicely done, Robert. Loved the Bluesboy and the hat, too. :slight_smile:

Well played Robert. I’m digging your music space.
Look forward to the next song

Thank-you, Jason. I am wondering how much of my improvement is related to the hat :sunglasses:

Thanks, Rob. My music space aka Robert’s Redoubt, Bob’s Bunker :upside_down_face:

Really enjoy watching and listening as much as you playing and singing!

Thank-you, Mark! If I in any way bring enjoyment to others, I have met one of my goals :grinning:


Finally catching up on some AOVYP and that was worth the wait. You brought your own style to this one and did well on both the singing and playing front, so good to see you having a go early in your development. Sounded a better balance this time with the guitar a little more prominent.

Looking forward to more from you Robert. Reckon there could be a future hat section !



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