Beginner acoustic guitar recommendation

Hello, my name is Sebastian and I’ve been practicing guitar for about 9 months now. So far I’m playing on a used Epiphone DR-100 to see if I’ll stick with it. I really enjoy it a lot and that’s why I want to treat myself to my own guitar for Christmas.

I particularly like two models. On the one hand the Hummingbird replica from Sigma Guitars the DM-SG5 and the Guild OM-120 Nat Westerly. I particularly like that both have a solid top and a slightly wider fretboard. I think, they are both real eye candy. A pickup is actually not that important to me. Does anyone of you have experience with one of these guitars or can give me a good recommendation? Which of the two is better in quality and would be the better buy? Please excuse my rather bad English. Some hints would be very appreciated!

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The Sigma is a very nice option, but also the SIGMA DA-SG7 (Gibson Dove inspired) is also very nice. I can recommend the Sigma brand from my own experience, but not that size of guitar I can’t manage the size of a Dreadnaught!
Also there’s the Epiphone Hummingbird and Dove inspired by Gibson versions that are better quality than the standard versions, those are excellent (I have a friend who has the Hummingbird version). The other brand worth mentioning is Seagull, they also make very nice guitars in that price bracket.

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Thank you Darrell for your help. I will check the Seagull guitars as soon as possible


If you like the sound and feel of the Epiphone you are currently playing, I would also suggest just keeping it and spending your money on having a comprehensive set-up done on it (crown & level the frets, verify the nut is cut perfectly, tweak the truss-rod and file the bridge to lower the action as much as possible.

Unless your current guitar is already set up really well, you’ll likely get more enjoyment out of the new setup on the old guitar than you would from a new guitar.

As for the guitars you mentioned, the Guild has a much bigger body than your Epiphone, so make sure it is still comfortable to play. I have no experience with Sigma.

Whichever you buy, make sure you have it set-up by a competent guitar tech. I also suggest going with the thinnest strings possible. I use 0.010" - 0.047" Phosphor Bronze strings on my dreadnought acoustic, and they sound great!

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Thank you very much for your feedback. The Epiphone DR-100 I’m currently playing on is just on loan and I’ll have to return it at some point. So I thought now would be a good time to get my own guitar. That’s why I want to buy something decent right away. With the current guitar, I can handle the size, but I think something smaller would be more comfortable. I must have made a mistake with the Guild OM-120 Westerly Nat. I thought it was definitely smaller than the Epiphone. I think the Guild looks very nice and I really like that it is made of solid wood. I also really like the Sigma. Actually, I’m looking for something that I’ll be happy with for the next few years but ideally doesn’t cost a fortune.

Welcome to the forum Sebastian
The two guitars you mentioned are very different the Sigma Guitars the DM-SG5 is a full size Dred with a 24.75 in scale and the Guild OM-120 Nat Westerly is an OM body with a 25.5 scale.
The Sigma is the same Body style as your Epiphone but the Epiphone has the sames scale length as the Guild.
If you have a chance play both guitar side by side if possible. They are both nice guitars so it would be personal preference which one to pick.

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Your current Epiphone has a Dreadnought body. The Guild OM-120 has an Orchestra body, which has a different shape. The Orchestra looks more curvy, and it looks like the waist of the guitar is narrower, the bottom of the guitar is a little wider, and the overall body appears to be a little shorter than a Dreadnought.

Here’s an online discussion comparing the two: Dreadnought & Orchestra - Tonal differences? - Ultimate Guitar.

You may be right regarding the Orchestra actually being smaller. The “big-butt” of the Orchestra may give the illusion of being larger. Here’s a comparison of different body shapes: Dylan Baker Music — Acoustic Guitar Body Styles

I have a dreadnought and a 00 sized acoustic. The dreadnought is definitely louder and “fuller-sounding” than the 00, but the dreadnought is too big to play comfortably on my couch, where the 00 is very comfortable to play. The OM might just be a good compromise.

If at all possible, try before you buy :+1:

Have fun with your search :slight_smile:


Thanks to all for your help.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video that describes the shape and size differences between most of the different acoustic guitar body shapes:


hello and merry christmas. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made my decision. I’m now the proud owner of the Guild OM 120. After picking it up in the shop, things were pretty much settled. it just feels perfect to me and the size ist awesome. If at some point I can still play as well as the guitar looks, then I’ve done everything right. many thanks for your help