Beginner App not working on my android phone

I am anxious to use the beginner song app but I can’t get it to open on my android phone. Is it me or is this being looked at. Thanks

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I’ve just tried opening the app on my android device and have no issues. Is this the first time you have tried to open the app?

I’ve uninstalled and re-installled it several times. it seems to install ok but when I try to open, it just keeps spinning. It sounds like it might be on my end but I’m not sure what else tot ry.

Is the app capable of opening on a Google Chrome OS?

Looking at reviews on GooglePlay store and looks like it is hit-or-miss on Chrome OS. Here is a response from Musopia to one user who is having trouble:

MusopiaDecember 10, 2021

Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, the app is not optimized for use in Chromebooks, only for tablets and mobile phones. We will take a look into this nonetheless. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello @sknoll and welcome.

Please check these links to follow up.
FAQ about the Beginner & Songs app:

Questions about the Beginner & Songs app:

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I have similar issues on my android tablet. If I open the app in landscape mode, it get’s stuck in the opening screen and won’t go further. I have to tilt it shortly to portrait and then the app goes past the opening screen.
Maybe that helps.

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Thanks for the post Chainsoroth…I had the same issue on a new Samsung A8 tablet. Previously just using S9 phone and no problem, but the Android tablet was just stuck at the menu forever. Started it in portrait mode position (it still rotated itself) but then works fine in landscape.

Hope this helps others that are having the same problem.

Yeah, Have a similar issue. It takes forever for the opening splash screen to move onto the app itself.

Your great idea works! Turning the tablet on in portrait and then turning to landscape is a bit faster but still really slow.

Anyone have any other ideas?