Beginner Blues Solo

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Sorry in advance for all the questions coming up. I just arrived at this module and am enjoying trying out the Blues. I bought the Guitar Pro software today, so I could play the lesson. It seems to be locked; is there a way to unlock it, so we can try things out? I don’t know how to use the software yet; is there a section on the website on how to use it (I tried going through the help pdf for GP, but it was a bit overwhelming)? Are there other lessons that have GP tracks? I have a Katana and a Mac; can I hook the computer up and play backing tracks through the amp? If yes, how do I create the backing tracks, in the software or with my guitar? I’ll stop here.

To answer your question Dude, please see above from a bit further up the thread that @Richard_close2u posted in answer to someone else asking if they are locked.

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There may not be a way to unlock it but it could be a good exercise to replicate it on Guitar Pro whilst getting to know the software.

Thanks. I read the thread before I posted. I asked if there’s a way to unlock the file. Any ideas?

Have a great day.

How can I replicate it? Export is grayed out, as is the Save As in the File menu. I’m new to music software, so I was looking for some help.

Enjoy your day.

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Hi Dude.
When I made the backing track above I used guitar pro and created it by referring to the pdf file of the tab that is also downloadable on the lesson page.
Do you know enough about tab creation and guitar pro to be able to do that?

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Hi Richard,

Okay, thanks. I was hoping for that file to be opened up, so I could play with it. I used MuseScore once on assignment from an online instructor to create my own lick. It was a bit daunting, but I completed the task. MuseScore was a bit limiting, so I’ll try to tackle Guitar Pro. I started on YouTube last night; I just need to find some instruction aimed at my level. Thanks for checking in. I appreciate it.

Have a great day!

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@The_Dude I’m new to music software too. When @Richard_close2u posted the matching backing track that he created using Guitar Pro referring to the PDF it inspired me to give it ago. I found it a good way to familiarize myself with the basics of the software.

I’ve given this a try and there is no discount on the product. I’m not sure if the team will want to remove the blur about the 20% discount. Just thought I’d give you a heads up.

Wow, did they remove it? There definitely was earlier this year when I bought it. Applied the promo code at checkout to get the discount.

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It worked for me about 48 hours ago. I got the discount.

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How very bizarre. I wonder why it isn’t working for me? I’ll try a different browser and see.

Thanks for the reply @jkahn @The_Dude

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@SgtColon Stefan, keep us posted and if needs be share screen shots and we can engage the JG Team for support

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@DavidP Thanks David, I will do. :slight_smile:

I hope you are back up to full speed, my friend.

Thanks, Stefan. I’d say I am picking up speed and well enough to do most of my normal activities. Still things that are not possible and some that are limited. But all in all, I am doing well and more than satisfied with how this recovery is progressing.


All sorted David. It was me being a plonker.

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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