Beginner class #11 - is date correct?

Beginner classes have been always on Thursday, but this class #11 is scheduled for Tuesday May 21, which is also in conflict with Justin’s Theory class one hour later. I’m wondering if the Beginner class may have been mis-scheduled?

@FannyJustinGuitar Fanny, please can you check up on this.

There was an error in some dates when this most recent batch of clubs were announced and this might be a legacy of an earlier glitch.
@LeeMB hosts his sessions on Thursdays and I can’t see why this would be different.

Hey guys, yes the date is correct. The Classes are normally always held on a Thursday, but I’m away on Thursday 23rd May and Thursday 20th June, so rather than cancelling the Classes we’ve switched days for those particular weeks to a Tuesday. It’s not ideal, but we figured it would be better than canceling the Class.

I’m going to update the WhatsApp group super soon.