Beginner Club #11 with Lee | Learn Little Talks by Of Monster and Men

Hey Community :wave:

:notes: Join Lee in our exclusive live class as we dive into the mega pop hit by Little Talks! This high-energy song is a real blast, featuring a common chord sequence and fun strumming pattern. Lee’s got variations for all 3 Beginner Guitar Grades! Plus, we’ll tackle the notorious F chord together, so you’ll master every aspect of this fun tune!

Happening May 21, register your interest here!


Fun class, really enjoy the lesson. Lee is a lot of fun.

Who was the guy from Saddlebrooke in Arizona just outside of Tucson? I was trying to type a reply when the feed shut off. I didnt even get your name ccj6 maybe? I am sure I am totally blowing that.

Dang Bro Message me, I am right in OV!

In the Clubs page it shows Beginner #11 How to Play Shotgun, I think this should #12.