Beginner Club #12 with Lee | Learn How To Play Shotgun

Hey Community :wave:

:notes: Rock out with Lee in our exclusive live class! Join now for a thrilling session diving into Shotgun by George Ezra. Lee’s got you covered from beginner to more advanced techniques, ensuring every aspiring guitarist can jump right in!

Happening June 6 - Register here!

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Hi there. Just wanted to check that the recorded lesson will pop up on the system at some point. I can’t see anything as yet.Thanks

It should be available! Try again and let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying.
I’m still seeing “recording to come “ and “ this video is private “
I have signed out and back in again,but no change. Thanks for your attention. Can others view it? I’m sure it will appear some time soon.

Hi Rich, it’s working for me. Here’s the link I’m using:

Thanks for the help, after I cleared the browser cache, it popped up right away.

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Glad that worked. :slight_smile: cheers!