Beginner Club #4 with Lee | Play, Change and Strum

Let’s explore essential beginner guitar skills: playing, changing, and strumming chords. We’ll apply G, D and A chords in a fun song. Get ready to play along, have a blast, and pick up some tricks!

THU, FEB 01 2024 ·
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Q&A from session

  • Tips for controlling a flying pinky finger during chord switches?
  • When using a transition strum, what should be done about missing the last strum of the chord?
  • What should be done with the pinkie finger when not in use during playing to avoid accidentally touching the strings?
  • How can I prevent the bottom of my first finger from muting the high E string when changing to an A chord under pressure?
  • If playing the A chord differently from the standard method, how can I address any technique differences and ensure a smooth transition?

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Thank you @LeeMB for this session.
Could we have a video with the fingers stretching exercises (perhaps an edit from the zoom session recording)?

Great video. Can we please have a pdf of the chords and strumming pattern for Bad Moon Rising?