Beginner Club #8 with Lee | Learn Hurt by Johnny Cash

Hey Community :wave:

:guitar: Get ready to rock out with @LeeMB in our exclusive live class! Join us for a thrilling session where you’ll dive into the iconic “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. Lee’s got you covered from beginner to advanced techniques, ensuring every aspiring beginner guitar player can jump right in. Discover the magic of arpeggiated chords with directional picking, and elevate your playing. Don’t miss out!

This club is happening Thursday, April 11.

:cinema: Lee was kind enough to film a Class Recap - watch it here. :slight_smile: :cinema:


Sounds great!
Looking forward to the club :guitar: :notes:
See you all there :grinning:


(Sorry to hear) All the best with your session!

Sorry I can’t participate - I’ll be asleep at 3:15am in southern Australia.

Really looking forward to the session. I only joined in January when I signed up to the app. App is brilliant as it gives a disciplined approach to learning but the “Clubs” give that little bit more and have become a “must attend” for me as they introduce practises from experienced musicians. :+1:

Does anyone know where the ‘resource area’ is located. It was mentioned that the lead sheet and a video would be posted after this Hurt session. Which was very enjoyable by the way.

If you go to then find the lesson you attended, there should be a row of options “Learn More, Discussion, Notes, Resources” the Resources tab is often added later after the day of the lesson, so check back. I think they sometimes email a link too.

Hi Michael @NotSamShovel, to follow up on what @Artie_Fufkin wrote: the Resources tab will appear when something is posted. I’m guessing it may be a few days (maybe after the weekend) before this material shows up…I think Lee still has to record the content. :slight_smile:

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One of my favourite lessons so far. Rocky start, but then it went smoothly. Thanks, Lee!

Hi All,

Just wondering if there is a way to re-watch the lesson? I can’t seem to find that option or where those videos would be posted.

Thank you.

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The live session are alway horrid for us in Aus. Would be great to get some recordings going

Hey all! Lee was kind enough to film a recap for this class - video available here. :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience!


Super fantastic @LeeMB :slight_smile:

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excellent recap, thats a full lesson right there… also super crisp HD instead of zoom fuzziness!

The video is very well done. Thank you to Lee for taking the time to do this.

I find myself rewatching certain sections over and over. It is very helpful to have that ability to really slow down and try all the chord / fingering variations to find what works best for me.

Thanks again.