Beginner Course & Rocksmith 2014

Has anyone used Rocksmith 2014 while also doing Justin’s course? Will there be any downside to doing so?

I had rocksmith before I came here.

It got me back into playing/learning after a very long break

IMO its not a very good way to learn or practice.


Justin’s beginner course starts with a focus on open chords and strumming. On the other hand, Rocksmith 2014 starts with a focus on different things (single notes, lead guitar, power chords).

Therefore, I found the JG app better at practicing the skills learned in Justin’s course.

The downside for me was that praticing 30 mins/day of Rocksmith was not helping me a lot in the JG course. So, I invested my limited time to pratice in JG songbook or app.

However, if you have a lot of time to pratice, doing both can be complementary if you enjoy it.

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Ditto what the others have said, Rocksmith didn’t help me to learn guitar, I continue to use it as additional guitar time once I have completed my practice for the day. As I have progressed in my playing my Rocksmith scores have improved. If you have to choose one, choose Justin.

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I used rocksmith when I started, it was fun for a bit but found it didn’t help me learn. I don’t use it anymore.

By all means give it a go and play with it, it won’t harm you. It is a bit of fun.

Not a great way to learn…although I did get faster and my technical skills improved quite a bit. I just never got any of the knowledge to go with it.

BUT, session mode is worth the purchase price all on it’s own. This is still where I do my improv although I’ve just about abandoned the rest of it.