Beginner East Coast 35W Amp Help!

Hi all,

I have just picked up my first ever electric guitar beginner pack - just a basic setup for now. But I can’t determine what the best settings for the included amp would be. Is there a set number that people have theirs set to when practising chords etc. I know it’s a bit of a silly question but any advice would be greatly received!


I have that same amp–Only a beginner myself but for practising open chords and general strumming with the lessons I like to use a clean sound ( with headphones) No gain or overdrive --Treble 6 mid 5 Bass 5 . Someone will say thats not great but it works for me . I am playing an Eastcoast Les Paul style which actually I really like. Whatever guitar you are using may need different settings. Occasionally I go mad and have a blast with the overdrive on and turn the gain to around 5 or 6. Hope that helps

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Thank you! That’s really helpful, I shall set my amp up the same tomorrow :star_struck:

in general, keep the guitar ‘volume’ very high (probably 7 to 10) and then then set the amp ‘gain’ for distortion level. I also prefer clean for practice most things and only use distortion when a song or lick needs it to sound right.

Amp ‘volume’ will set the loudness in the room, so set that for comfort. Se the amp volume low initially and adjust later.

Sometimes the guitar volume will also change the timbre. Listen for that so you can be aware of it and use it later to your preference.

I encourage you to fiddle with the guitar and amp settings and see what happens. the only thing to really careful of with that amp is to lower the amp volume if you are not sure what will come out, then set it where you like after you know what you’re going to get.


Congratulations Zoe on your decision to get an electric guitar in addition to your acoustic :+1: :guitar:


Here is a well-done guide to finding the sound you want from any amp.

correct answer right here.

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