[Beginner Feedback] Even When I'm Sleeping

I’ve been working on this one for a few weeks, and would love any feedback on where I can improve :slight_smile: I’m looking at updating my practice routine this weekend so would love any suggestions on where I could focus!


That was very nicely done James. Clean changes, smooth strumming and good timing.

Just keep on keeping on.

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That was great James well done on the recording! Chord changes were great, 99% you were on time and I haven’t heard anything major I can comment on that would need any serious attention. There is only one minor thing I wanted to ask - how was your wrist after the song?

You kept the time spot on pretty much throughout, just spotted like 2 or 3 changes that were maybe off by few ms, and I think that comes down to how you strum this particular piece. It’s gonna be difficult to explain so bear with me :grinning:

So let’s say between 00:21 and 00:24 you have 4 beats and for each bar your wrist moves up and down all the time and that goes on and on throughout the song. So in each beat you have 4 movements - 2 ups and 2 downs. And you only strum on 1 of those four movements in each bars only at the first one. So for the rest try to suspense your wrist sort of at the bottom and do only slight movement and see if this works for you, might feel odd at first but this will be a lot effortless to your wrist so this should help you play more songs without getting fatigued :slight_smile:

If I talk gibberish let me know and I will record it on video :grinning:

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Same feedback here; I would think you would benefit from moving a bit more with the upper arm and a bit less with the wrist. It will help to keep your rhythm even tighter.

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Chords are sounding sweet :+1:

As per previous ……


No that makes sense and I’ll definitely give it a go :slight_smile:

My wrist is ok - I struggle keeping time when there are quarterbeats so I go a bit overkill and strum like that the whole time. I’d like to be able to keep time with my foot on the beat separate to the strumming, but I find that really difficult

Thanks so much for all that feedback. It’s really really helpful. I love JustinGuitar, but it’s hard being in a bit of a bubble. Don’t know where my strengths and weaknesses are - this stuff is great.

James, you’ve played that with a good even rhythm and once you are more familiar with the song, if you take on board what Adrian and Lieven said I think it’ll help you “loosen” up and you’ll naturally develop a more economical strumming technique. And maybe think about dynamics. Where you can accent some of the beats.

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