Beginner Feedback - Stand by Me

Hi - my first recording I decided to grab this morning during my practice session. I’ve been working through the course a few months now, and would love some feedback on how I’m going so far. I find I especially struggle using a flatpick - I’m much more comfortable using my thumb. I stick with it though because I can see myself slowing getting better using one.

I never realised how much I frown when I’m playing. It’s a thing I do when I’m concentrating :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi James,

Feeling good using a pick comes from just using the pick more. Stick with it and it becomes natural.

I noticed you were pausing your strumming pattern with some changes, particularly to F#. Keep the strumming pattern going the whole time will hold the song together better.

Your skills are coming along nicely. Congrats on your first share.

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That was good James.

The chord changes looked and sounded smooth. Foot tapping along nicely and the strumming was good, for the most part. Like @jkahn has said, you did pause a few times, so you could hear a slight pause. Keep that hand moving.

Ahhhh yes, the face of concentration, I think we all do it at first. :smiley:

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Getting used to a pick does take time. Keep it up. You were nice and rhythmic, which is promising. Some hesitant chord changes but that’s all normal in the early stages. Good work. As an afterthought: do you practice those challenging chord changes, as per Justin’s lessons?

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Yeah I do - I use the practice assistant and have a couple of minutes of Perfect Fast Changes scheduled in for anything I’m struggling with.

Today I made sure to work on my A to F#m :slight_smile:

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Hi. James.
What gauge pick are you using? A really thin one eg .38 or .46 is very forgiving and can help when starting out with a pick. They don’t sound great as they are a bit ‘flappy’ but they serve a purpose and then you can move to a thicker one as your strumming action improves.

I’m using a .6 - I’ve got a .46 and yeah, it’s a lot easier. I’ve moved up to a .6 because I want to get better at playing with a looser grip on the pick.

I think it’s what Justin is using in most of his videos. They’re both orange

Yes but remember Justin is not a beginner. :smiley:

Nice work James! Sounded pretty damned smooth for a first recording!
As I’m still working up the skills (and courage) to do my own first one, I’m probably not the best judge, but I’d say you’ve come pretty far already in a few months!
As to the pick, like others already said, it takes practice! In the beginning I could barely strum with a .46, and now I find a 1.14 (or one of those Jazz I picks) pretty comfy :slightly_smiling_face:

You are sounding great James. As everyone above has already said you will become more comfortable with the pick the more you practice. For the first few months I was playing I kept dropping it :weary:. Honestly you are further along after just a few months than I was. Keep going and enjoy the journey! I love Oasis too so will look out for more from you.

Hi there

I think you did a nice job with that song. I have the same problem with mean mugging while playing. When my 10 year old daughter mimics how I look I laugh at myself every time. :grinning: It goes away over time. The rhythm was nice and even for the most part. Thanks for sharing.

That made me smile. It must be a very long time since Justin was a beginner!!

Sounding good James, you really got your flow as you went through the song, especially on the barre transition.
I’m closing in on a couple of years of learning and use a tortex red (0.5mm) pick as I haven’t got great volume control using a 0.6mm yet, the red’s quite a nice middle ground.
Another Oasis guy here so bring it on :+1:

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