Beginner Grade 1 , attempt at Wish You Were Here

Hiya , I am so out my comfort zone here recording myself lol but I’m a beginner 6 months into my journey and and Oldie at that , So I saw Justin’s video on this and even though it’s above my level I thought I’d give it a go , the first time I’ve recorded myself which was tough to do and hope it gets easier lol


Well done Jason. Congratulations on your first song post mate. Feels good to get that first one posted doesnt it?
You did well for only 6 months in. You had the strumming pattern pretty much right, chords sounded ok, and you were picking the right notes.
Keep at it, and as you develop under Justins teaching, it will develop with you.

And don’t hesitate to join in ask for help. It’s a great community here, full of tremendous folk all helping each other out on the journey.

All the best.
Cheers, Shane

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You have the notes right and the fingering is accurate. I think you can make some gains in rhythm. Especially get practice in developing steady up-down strumming with a metronome. This video helped me a lot: Feel Good Strumming |

Think about which notes/chords want to be on the down strum and which ones want to be on the up strum. You should find that down strums naturally happen on the beat and up strums happen on the “and” of the beat.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Jason.

That was a nice effort. It’s not an easy one to do. Picking was good, chords were good and the strumming was good, a lot to be proud of.

Once you know where your fingers need to be on your left hand, life does get easier as you’re then not having to look for left to right.

Your dog was well chilled about it all. :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback think the nerves kicked in a bit for a first time lol I have done better but not on cam which is probably so often the case

Thanks yes your right i am behind on my strumming it is improving and im trying to concentrate on that before moving on really appreciate the feedback

just watched the vid and that was me exactly with the awkwardness and nerves , will work on it for sure

Thanks I appreciate the feedback , made it a bit of a mission to step out the comfirt zone lol yeah Bella always falls asleep when I practice lol

Yes mate , the old ‘red light’ record is a different beast. Happens to just about everyone I think, but it does get a bit easier over time.

Cheers, Shane

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Hi Jason I think you did great for just 6 months in, well done! Now it’s downhill wirh putting videos up, the first one is always most terrifying one!

You have some good foundations here, now all you need to do now is just practice it all over again and again until it becomes more fluid - no shortcuts I’m afraid :smile: all the best

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lol thanks , I don’t mind the practice and the well I’ll get there in the end , keep at it mindset, But i think it’ll take me an age to get used to that record button lol thanks again :+1:

What an important milestone Jason. Well done. Your playing is clean, well placed and sweet sounding.

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Thanks for the share Jason, good progress. Always hard to do that first share.

I’d recommend you practice the riff a couple of times every day until it’s automatic. Learning this stuff is really hard to start, and once you’ve got it down… it happens all at once and becomes fluid. Keep on learning!

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Congrats on that first recording and share, Jason. The others have said all that needs to be said. Look forward to more from you as you progress.

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Congrats on your first recording post. Fro 6 months it sounded good to me.

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thanks David , think i’ll be putting that practice in for the next one :+1:

cheers it’s well out my comfort zone and above my level but it was good to try something out there :+1:

Good effort! I like the “give it a go” approach, look forward to more.

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thanks , yeah it’s good to step out the comfort zone an have a go lol it’s not perfect but why not give it a go eh :smiley:

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I’m coming up on my 6-month mark and oh boy, if I do half as good as you I’ll be a happy man! Awesome job, friend, thank you for putting yourself out there and showing others on the same journey what’s ahead. :slight_smile:

Also, give that cute doggo a hug!

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Well done on posting your first AVoYP Jason. You’re on track there. Concentrate on your strumming technique and things will improve rapidly.