Beginner grade 1 thoughts and progress (English CC)


So i finally finished grade 1 after 5 months of grinding and i have some thoughts about it.

The video includes english subtitles. Just click on the CC button on youtube.

On this video i talk about my problems trying to learn guitar and the progress i made since the previous video i made (i used to upload weekly videos during the first couple of months on my Youtube channel describing my experience but i stopped), it also includes 5 songs i practiced through the first grade.


That was entertaining, Medu :slightly_smiling_face: My ears did not suffer, and I think progressing to Grade 2 is surely the correct decision :slightly_smiling_face:

Certainly it has been often said in this forum, and while I know myself how difficult it is, I will repeat it: Try not to compare yourself with others. It’s not a competition, not a race. It’s your journey and it will take the time it takes :slightly_smiling_face:

I realize that you are very critical with yourself, yet I am going to say it anyway: I liked your “Zombie” and how you have been mixing in the bits of electric guitar now and then :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your kind words Joku! It is super hard not to compare oneself to other people, but is something i should try to do, at least in the name of personal peace of mind.

Lol, using the electric guitar to do the “solo” parts of Zombie was a bit of a last minute decision.
I had been practicing those parts on the acoustic but after a few takes while i was recording the song i decided to give it a shot with the electric guitar.

The solo isnt perfect of course but i was actually happy with how it turned out, so i ended up including it on the video.

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I think, it was a very good decision and just imagine how boring life would be if it would have been perfect already :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously though, I can relate very well to what you were saying in your video since I am at a similar stage as you were when recording your songs. The five songs it is for me as well - I want each with a different strumming pattern - and I fear it will still take weeks and weeks to have these patterns automatized, have all the lyrics remembered and sing…

Continue your Vlog, I really enjoyed listening to your thoughts on things… Or better reading the subtitles, since my Spanish is way to basic to follow along :smiley:

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You’re progressing fine Medu. It is best to not compare yourself to others as we all learn at a different pace and remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. Keep at those one minute changes and when playing along to a backing track try and feel the rhythm of the song and keep on that beat. This again is all something that will come with time and practice.

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Joku.- Thank you so much! :smiley: I will continue updating my vlog dont worry tho i probably just do it whenever i feel i have some progress to share instead of forcing myself to do it weekly lol.

SgtColon.- Thank you for the kind words! I do know the only solution to my problems is keep practicing but oh man, it does sometimes gets a bit frustrating, but i guess is part of the process!


Hey, that’s pretty good progress for just 5 months. I myself finished grade 1 yesterday (I posted a video in this forum too) and I took 7-8 months to complete. And this isn’t even my first attempt at learning guitar, I had first picked it up around 8 years back but never bothered to learn properly and then just gave up shortly afterwards.

My point is: don’t compare yourself to others; they might not be absolutely new to guitar, maybe just new to Justin Guitar, or maybe they are accomplished musicians with some other instruments. Or they might still be in school and have ample time to multiple times practicing daily.

I have the mindset that it’s alright to be slow, it’s not a race or a competition. I’m doing this just to express myself musically that’s why I decided to spend more time on Grade 1 since I was still having fun.

But I absolutely agree with your decision to move on to Grade 2, no point in practicing the same old thing if you’re feeling frustrated and not having as much fun. I also think Grade 2 is more fun with power chords (easy and in most of the popular rock songs).


Thank you Satanic!

Yeah i checked the video a bit ago! I really liked your cover of 505 :smiley:

As you said, i do need to learn to not rush myself while learning cause that just leads to more frustration. But idk, i guess is just part of my personality of putting dumb expectations on myself and then get mad for not accomplish them lol. I need to work on that.

You are doing well, making good progress, Medu. Just keep at it and you will continue to learn and improve. Lot’s of good suggestions and encouragement already given that says what needed to be said.


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Thank you David! :smiley:

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