Beginner Guide To Effects Pedals

Do you even need an effect pedal if you're a real beginner? NO. Sorry!

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I have a Positive Grid Spark amp (so lots of virtual pedals built in). After coming back and watching this video 2 years after I started learning guitar, I have started testing out the virtual pedals (rather than just using some pre-set setups), but I also bought a second hand looping pedal. You know how Justin says in the beginner’s course to record yourself? Well the looper pedal is a very quick and easy way to listen to what you’ve just played. I have discovered that my timing is not quite as good as I thought it was!
But also be warned… the first pedal does seem to start a whole new level of GAS (guitar acquisition syndrome), because I now want to be able to have different effects on what I am playing ‘live’ then what’s looping.

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I don’t need effects, but I find that occasionally goofing around with effects is another way to stay entertained and motivated. If I want a break from working on chord changes or something, I can fiddle with my gear to emulate the sound of some riff that I like. That’s fun. You just have to be sure to remember that knowing how to turn up the reverb doesn’t mean you know how to play the guitar. :slight_smile:

Understanding amps/cabs/effects also leads to topics like EQ and compression and music production in general, which I have found interesting.

So, as someone who can’t really play at all yet, do I need my Helix LT? Absolutely not. But I appreciate it every day.