Beginner Guitarist from India!

HEY FOLKS, I am Rohit, a beginner guitarist from India. I have just completed Grade 1 lessons and 'm on the consolidation phase. I really like the support I get from this community for every questions I have and really dig Justin’s lessons.
Looking forward to learning more and more and someday write my own songs.


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Hey Rohit, welcome to the community. Looking forward to hearing about your original songs

Welcome Rohit!

Welcome to the Community, Rohit, congrats on the progress. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll achieve those goals.

As a next step you may consider starting a Learning Log to track your progress in #community-hub:learning-logs

And as part of consolidation is a great idea to record yourself playing through some songs and sharing those recordings in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing. That may sound scary but people have all been through Grade 1 and are just encouraging of progress and may make helpful suggestions where appropriate. A simple video made with a smart phone is all that is needed.

Keep on keeping on.

Welcome Rohit


Hi Rohit and welcome.

Feel free to ask any question anytime. There are no stupid questions but there may be the odd stupid answer. Enjoy the ride.



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Hello and welcome to the community Rohit. :slight_smile:

Welcome Rohit and well done for completing grade 1, it’s no small feat and hope you’re enjoying the consolidation phase, I found that very rewarding as it was mostly song work!!
Look forward to hearing more from you :+1: