Beginner or intermediate what level am I?

OK I have been playing guitar nylon string all my life
I know music notations
Now I want to learn electric guitar
So far I know how to create different effects with my multi effect
I know some power chords and the concept
muting strings but where should I go from here?
When I go to different youtube videos I get bored by all those Music theory etc that they explain for beginners because I already know them and It is waste if time watching all those basic how to play basic chord shapes.

Make the long story short How some body like me who is already in music and just wants to start his journey with electric guitar should find his lessons?

If as you say you’ve never tried playing in the style electric guitar is usually aimed at then I would go through the whole course but only really spending time on the areas that you’ve not covered before. Obviously you’re going to go through it quite quickly but be thorough about it. I have been playing now for about 58 years but since I came on here about 7 years ago I have learned more than in the rest of my life, it’s worth the effort if you want those abilities and gain confidence in yourself.

No offence, but only you know what you know and what you don’t… and therefore only you can work out with any certainty what you need to focus on in order to move in the direction you want. It means you’re going to have to do your own research to find lessons or courses that suit your specific needs.

Nobody can point you to a specific place because we’re not you, plus I doubt there is a course specifically designed for someone with your exact knowledge wanting to move in exactly your desired direction. Coming across things you know among the things you don’t is part and parcel of learning from videos rather than an actual live tutor.

By the way… most video hosting sites allow you to skip forwards, meaning you can skip the bits that bore you. :wink:

What music do you want to play on the electric, Tom … blues lead, metal rhythm, funk etc. Those aspirations should give you some direction and focus in finding appropriate learning resources.

Thanks , this is one of the things I am working on . I am trying to find out what I like and where I should go from here.
At my age 55 I like Pink Floyd , I know I love old rocks but I am not in heavy metal things even though I like some metals
So where should I go from here? :slight_smile:

Best way is to go through the course yourself and be self-critical where to take the onramp and step in the course. Read the titles of the lessons and determine whether you absolutely control that topic. If you have doubts, check the video.
You’ll soon enough feel where to start.

It has little to do with what music you like or what kind of guitar you have been playing up till now.
It’s about what chords you know, how your E shape barre is, how your A shape barre is, how you understand the basics of a major scale and how it is used to create chords, how solid your rhythm is, how fluent your upstrokes fit in your 8th and 16th note pattern, etc.

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Its a plus one from me, for working through Justin’s grade system from the ground up. Start at the beginning. As has already been said you’ll whizz through the stuff you already know and quickly adapt that to playing on electric but I suspect there will be things that you have “missed” on your learning journey to date. Those are the areas to focus on. Eventually you will come to a host of things that are new and will have found your level But don’t worry about labels, even the advanced players are always learning something new. So in reality we are all beginners and will continue to be so. My 2cents.




Of course I don’t have much experience with this, but I agree with @DarrellW, @TheMadman_tobyjenner and @LievenDV that you may as well start at the beginning.

Sure you know most of it, but my sense is that the course is set up for reasons and what is taught builds on prior lessons.

You can zip through much of it, but a little review never hurt anyone. Putting your fingers, ears and eyes in the course as it advances will probably quickly guide you in a reasonable direction. The course is largely about electric guitar, after all.