Beginner questions about using a travel guitar


So I’ve been learning how to play guitar with a teacher and justins course/apps for about 3 months, mostly using an acoustic guitar. I live in a big city with an old lady downstairs, so I try not to play after 8pm. I got one of those silent travel guitars. There is a metal bar you attach where you rest the guitar on your leg and then there is the fretboard but with the tuning pegs actually at the bottom of the guitar. I understand the idea of getting using to the lighter strings, but it feels very strange not to have the weight that I’m used to. Any tips for getting used to moving around the fretboard like this. I hope this makes sense, lol.

I’m on holiday at the moment with my guitar. Bet my campsite neighbours wish mine was silent. :joy:


Are you using a strap? I have a travel electric similar to the one you descibe. The lack of mass in the body messes-up the balance of the guitar and it becomes neck-heavy, making it very difficult for me to play. I fitted a strap and solved the problem.

Is there any reason why you have lighter strings on the guitar? Why not use the strings you are used to?

It sounds like you have a Traveler guitar. I have one of their Ultra Light models and I’m currently travelling with it now. For me I also found that it can feel a bit awkward to hold it in the standard sitting position. When I play seated I’ve found it better to hold the guitar on my left leg much like the classical guitar position. Most of the time though I play standing and I use a strap with a rough back (extra friction). Give it a try, hopefully it’ll help


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Thanks for the tips! Did it get a bit easier over time. For me its more playing chords where you use the 1st fret like a C or something. Maybe I just have to get used to it or I’ll try the strap like you mentioned!

Oh I am just using the strings that came with the guitar. In general electric strings I believe are a little lighter . I’ll use a strap and see ! Did it take you a while to get used to it?

Yes, sorry. I thought you meant the strings are lighter than your regular electric. But now I see you normally use an acoustic. Sorry for the confusion.

It took me no time to get used to the strap. My strat has a strap, so I’m used to having one. The strap on my travel guitar attaches to the head just behind the nut with a string. I believe it’s a ukelele strap. I think this would be more stable than attaching to the button on the body like the Traveller has.

Oh no worries! I’ll make sure to use the strap! it didn’t feel weird without the headstock?

Ahh, sorry. I forgot the Traveller doesn’t have a headstock. I guess you’ll have to use the strap buttons that are fitted. This is mine. The neck comes off for packing in a suitcase.