Beginner’s Course Book

Hi, everyone. I have the Beginner’s Songbook volumes 1 & 2, but I just realized that there also is a Beginner’s Course book. I have been using the app (mostly) and the website (sometimes). I’m wondering whether anyone has the Coursebook and whether they think it’s a good adjunct to the digital content.

I have two course books, one for beginners and a second one for intermediate players (German version). The books are based on the old course structure, the order of content has changed and I do admit, that I use the Beginner Course Book rarely. I bought them, before I knew, that the whole courses are on the website. 2 CD’s are included, with a couple of ear training exercises, that might be helpful, but I’m sure this training will maybe be included in the eartraining course on the website too. I can highly recommend to use the website as the main tool to learn, all the content is included and there is additional information under the videos as well. The website, supplemented by the app and song books should be adequate.

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I have the two course books as well. As @Helen0609 says they are based on the old course (now known as the classic course). I too rarely used them as I worked through Grades 1 and 2.

However, as I have been consolidating Grades 1 and 2 I have found myself recapping the new course lessons that I have worked through and the old course book (and classic course videos).

When it comes to reading I find paper text better than digital text to read. Many of the good people on here have been through the classic course so it’s not all bad, its just been updated and improved.

I’ve found the information from the old course to actually be a good supplement to my learning. For example the new course only covered fingerstyle T12321 whereas the old course covered other fingerstyle patterns, the old course covered variations of the 12 bar blues shuffle riff.

So to me its been a good way to supplement my learning during consolidation.

I would say if having a hard copy reference book will encourage your learning then go ahead but remember its based on the old course and just consider it as supplementary information and the new course takes precedence.

This is helpful. I’m a book person, so I can see it being useful, even though most of my learning so far has been online and using the JG app on my phone.

If you get the book and if it would help you I could do a table aligning the books pages with the current course to make it easier to follow both. Just send me a DM and happy to help.

Hi, Socio. Thanks for the generous offer. I’ll contact you if I buy the book.

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I agree with you, I’m not that far, only at Module 10 currently and so far I didn’t miss any information at the website. I’m a book lover too, so I never felt like having bought the hard copies for nothing. I compare from time to time. Good to know, that there is some more content for the fingerstyle! I never regretted the purchase, I saw the purchase as a little “contribute” to Justins free lessons.


Hi Andrea (@Helen0609)

Just a follow up to the above posts. As you know I’ve been using the classic course book as part of my consolidation to capture any additional information and exercises to keep learning while consolidating. As a bonus the book includes a blues solo and blues lead along with backing track for the blues lead. So far I’ve found the blues solo to be rather good as includes the blues shuffle as well as lead using em scale. The blues lead gives you another one to practice over a backing track included in the CD. The video lessons for the blues solo are still on YouTube. If you decide to practice the solo send me a pm and I’ll send you link to videos.

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Thanks for the information, James! I’m going through Grade 2, Module 11 right now, so there is a way to go till I get to the blues issue. Sigh! I cant’t wait to get into that blues stuff, but step by step…
I admit, that I rarely used the book for a longer period, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the information in the Justin universe and the course book was not in the order of the new Beginner Course, so I decided to follow the website as my main source and to use the book later during the upcoming consolidation period. Furthermore I thought, that there must be a reason why Justin changed the order of contents. The book contains a lot of helpful content too, like detailed strumming patterns and a variety of useful sound samples on the CD’s, but concerning the open chords I found everything to know on the website too. Further down the road, I surely will stengthen my knowlege by comparing the learned contents with the course books. I’ve bought the intermediate course book too, wasn’t sure how fast the analog media would be replaced by digital options.
As I already wrote, I really love books, so they are worth every penny. Thanks for pointing out the blues issue, I’ll return to your offer!

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