Beginner Song Books

Hello! I’m wondering if the Beginner Songbooks 1 & 2 include strumming patterns for all of the songs. My primary struggle right now is strumming so I’d be interested in knowing whether all the strumming patterns are included before I make the purchase.
Thank you :blush:

I’ve only got book one and near the bginning it states there are patterns for each song.


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I have the first beginner song book but not the second. The first has recommended patterns for each song (pretty sure, it’s been a while since I looked at the entire book). It’s not necessarily the exact pattern that matches the record for a given song because patterns vary even within the same song, but one that will work. Hopefully that makes sense.

The more advance genre books go to even more detail. By genre I mean Justins rock, acoustic, pop, and other genre books. Those have patterns and tabs for riffs that will get you 90% there and a section of songs that are fully tabbed.

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Hi Bex. I’ve got the beginners song books 1 and 2 and all Justin’s other song books and they have suggested strum patterns for all the songs.

I thoroughly recommend his books as they are full of hints and tips on how to play the songs unlike most other books which only give chords and lyrics.

They are also spiral bound which means they lay out flat on a music stand. A big plus!


The books are really good and so glad I got most of them. I’ve been using the books for years and still do. Most of the songs have video lessons on YT too.


Hi Bex, I have both Beginner Song Books and only can recommend them, as they have informations as suggested strumming patterns, picking patterns, riffs, different chords and other useful information for each song. Never regretted the purchase.


Thanks everyone! I ended up buying Songbook 1. I already received it and I’m already super glad I bought it. For anyone else who is wondering, all the songs do have strumming patterns. The earlier in the book, the simpler the pattern, some are just four down strums. The patterns get more interesting as the book progresses. It’s really helping me with my strumming to have all these simplified songs in one place. It was super helpful to have the strumming push pointed out in some songs like The Dock of the Bay -that really made the song start to sound like the song. Glad I bought the book, thanks everyone! :grinning:

And the thing to remember is you can revisit the earlier songs as your skills improve and play them with more complex strum patterns, add chord embellishments, barre chords etc.