Beginner Songbook 1 & 2

Questions about the beginner songbooks:

  1. Book description shows songs are broken down as stage 1-9.
    I believe that is terminology from the previous version of Justin’s course.
    The new Beginner grades 1-3 are broken down into modules. How does stage 1-9 translate to grades 1-3 (modules 1-18).

  2. Is this book going to be useful beyond beginner grades? What I mean is does it have options for jazzing up the song with skills learned later?


I have one of the song books. From what I can gather it relates more to just grades 1 & 2 (I did the new grades not the old courses).

The book is lyrics and chords. So in that sense, there is plenty of room to spice up later with more detail in the songs. You wouldn’t be finding those more complicated details in the songbooks, though. I think they’re best thought of as accompaniments to the video lessons which have more detail.


The pre-printed page in book format takes longer to change and update than the electronic website so yes, it is true that the beginner songbooks are still arranged according to the Classic course. Stage 1 - 9 is not just beginner level however. Also, there are many other songbooks at more advanced levels. The books contain some much more advanced songs and also have fully tabbed versions of some complex songs. Definitely useful beyond beginner grades. Each one of the songs can be revisited and played differently with further developed skills that enable them to be played as more than just open-chord strumalongs.
Justin classes them in the song lists as beginner to intermediate to intermediate plus.
Check each songbook here and click on the show more for a full list of contents.



For advanced beginners and intermediate players Justin brought out his intermediate songs books range: pop, rock, acoustic and vintage to use along side the intermediate course.


Thanks for the responses. I ordered the first volume. Looking forward to getting it delivered.


I received the Beginner Book Vol 1. Really good stuff. I will probably be ordering Volume 2.


Glad you’re enjoying it Roberto.

It’s a great way to ‘pay it back’ also for the great free stuff Justin has always given away.

And just an observational note, on the face of it, it’s nice to think you can get all of your learning from one source, be it the Justin website or lately the app, I was annoyed when the original website course was updated, but in reality the wider the range of sources you can learn from the better for your guitar playing in the long run. Justin is always advocating ‘listen to the original’ or trying transcribing exercises….


I did a month of the app. It was really good for working on consistent timing. Really good features in there (especially slowing the tempo).
But I noticed that I wasn’t memorizing the chord progressions.
At this point of my learning journey, I feel that the book coupled with Justin’s videos is the best combo for me.


I have a question about ordering the songbooks. I notice on the website it lists 2 companies to buy them from but they’re both UK based and I’m in the US. So, do I buy them on Amazon or somewhere else? I want to make sure most of my money goes toward Justin Guitar and not some weird 3rd party. Maybe it’s a dumb question and I missed something, or maybe not. :grinning:

Rebecca @LunaRocket
I am in the the uk but went onto Amazon US site and they seem to be available there.

Thanks for wanting to buy Rebecca, and for wishing Justin to receive a fair proportion. Amazon do indeed take a chunk. I’m in the UK so can’t check but I thought one or the other of those distributors did P&P globally. Can you go so far through the buying process to check? You could also email to ask.

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Well Andertons doesn’t ship to the US and Music Room shipping to the US starts at 14.99 pounds. A bit steep. I’m afraid I’ll have to stick with Amazon.