Beginner Songbook and TABS

Hi, sorry if this is a very basic question. I bought the hard copy Songbook but struggle to remember how to use the Chord progressions in subsequent verses and choruses. Usually just the first verse and chorus are completed.

I have written these in on a few songs but still struggle. So, I thought “I know, I’ll try the TABS subscription”. I’ve found that useful on Autoscroll.

I’m just wondering if (I have searched on the Forum!) I’ve missed what would be a very basic first “How To” Lesson somewhere on the site on how to read and play printed Chords in the book or on TABS?

I do find generally knowing the song is pretty essential for me as is lining up a metronome alongside the book or TABS. As I say I just wonder if I’ve missed somewhere a really easy lesson?

I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking, but generally other verses and choruses are played exactly the same way as they were the first time. So for example, when you get to verse two you can just look back at verse one and play it that way. Easy.

In Justin’s books the other verses/choruses are included to show the layout of the song, and provide all the lyrics for those who want to sing it. But for just playing it, one verse and chorus is usually enough, at least for the basics.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I wasn’t clear. My issue is that perhaps having “graduated” from playing along to songs on Justin’s App I was having difficulty in playing along to a song in the Songbook.

I can usually work out when to start a bar on a chord when that it is written down in the book as per the first verse and chorus but conceptually seem to have difficulty in remembering that progression and sequence down to the next verses.

I find it easier when it’s a song I know and if I can get a separate metronome running slowly alongside that helps too.

Using Justin’s TABS on auto scroll makes that easier still but I want to learn to play from a songbook if I can.

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips?



If I’m just wanting to play along, without knowing the lyrics, I’ll write out a condensed version of the chord sequence.
To use an example of the top of my head, Jake Bugg’s Lightning bolt is
Intro - EBA x4
Verse - EBA x6
Chorus - A | D/A A| E x2 BA, EBA
Bridge - EBA x4 (solo/impro over the top)
Outro - EBA x3

Then I remember it’s 3 verses, chorus + bridge, 2 verses, chorus + bridge , 1 verse, outro

If I want a song with the lyrics, I’ll check Ultimate-guitar and see if there is a suitable TAB I can print off. Failing that, I’ll write it out.

You will probably want to experiment with what works for you, as what works for me, won’t work for everyone.

The one bit of advise I will give, is if you want to play and sing, you need to be very familiar with the song. Any song I get to the point of attempting to sing and play, I only want to be looking at a bit paper when I really need to, and I’ll generally only be following the lyrics.