Beginner songbook - pdf version available?

Title says it all really, is there a pdf version?

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This is from the Justin store.

Can I buy a PDF version of one of your songbooks?

Unfortunately, JustinGuitar songbooks aren’t available in PDF due to licensing restrictions. It’s out of my control.

Consider JustinGuitarTabs (you cannot print them; it’s on-screen only!) or JustinGuitar Lessons & Songs App. They might be great alternatives to traditional Songbooks.

The Tabs is a really great service or you could buy the physical media, they are really great and are supported by video lessons.

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I like my music on the tablet as well, so PDF is best.

What I have done is purchased the songbooks, then I scan the songs I am working on to PDF using a phone app (I use “scanner pro” great photo to pdf app with many more life uses as well) then upload them to another phone app for music scores (I use “songbook pro” but there are many others).

Scanner pro lets me photo any document to pdf and save files of them. I send my accountant all my tax documents that way, have recipes, music, you name it. Totally worth it.

Songbook pro is a relatively straightforward score handling app. Works well enough for me, allows marking scores and syncs across devices and platforms.

If I find sheet music I want with my iPhone, I can email myself the pdf (or scan to make a pdf), upload it to Songbook pro and once it syncs it will be on my android tablet as well for practicing.

There are two apps called Songbook Pro, who’s the author of the one you use?


Recently, I saw the JG books on the Apple Books store. It may be possible to access this page on a Apple tablet (ipad) to buy and read the book.

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So annoying that I missed this. BUT - JustinGuitar Tabs is AMAZING. I’ve just worked through the songs that were in my dashboard anyway and having the tabs there is really fantastic. Thank you.

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